Can I delete .jpeg files in Media Player?

  john bunyan 19:44 17 Apr 2014

I have W& 64 bit. Also the latest free Malawarebytes. I use itunes for music rather than Media player, which I rarely use except maybe for DVD's.I ran a custom scan yesterday and noted that Malawarebytes scanned for ages hundreds of .jpeg files in C:\Windows\Service Profiles\Network Service\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Media Player\Art Cache\LocalMLS

When I try to delete this in C:\Users\Username\microsoft\AppData\Local\Microsoft\ Media Player Folder it says "Programme in use by another programme" Or the folder is empty! Any views?

  Woolwell 19:53 17 Apr 2014

My folder is empty. Watching with interest.

  rdave13 21:02 17 Apr 2014

Probably your 'picture library' showing up in WMP. Open file explorer, find Libraries in the tree, right click Pictures (library) and check the locations. You can add or remove these locations. Possibly Malwarebytes is checking the same files multiple times.

Also in WMP check what jpegs are showing. You still have the choice of removing from libraries or PC or both, so be careful what you choose.

Just a guess, though.

  john bunyan 21:18 17 Apr 2014


In WMP when I right click Pictures Library, It correctly shows the location of my pictures. The vast majority are in my (F) (Data) Partition in F/My Documents/ My Pictures. There are a few small amounts elsewhere. In the "Normal" Windows Explorer Library, the same thing shows. I use Adobe Photoshop and Bridge to view and manage my pictures, and I wonder why the scan shows them in the location in my first post? Do you think they are somehow duplicated? I wonder why they are in WMP at all - I am a bit scared to lose them if I delete the wrong thing (not a total disaster as I regularly back up all data to a second (and third!) drive.

  rdave13 21:50 17 Apr 2014

I don't use your programs and can get no further than C:\Windows\Service Profiles\Network Service\AppData\Local\Microsoft. I then get Windows, Windows SideBar and CLR_V4.0

Have you checked the libraries?

  rdave13 21:59 17 Apr 2014

I mean the location of these photos in libraries? What is in the list?

  Woolwell 22:04 17 Apr 2014

Long shot but I wonder if they are related to cover art?

My folders are empty though and I wonder if Malwarebytes if behaving itself.

  rdave13 22:09 17 Apr 2014

Woolwell, the list in the (C:) pictures library properties should give a clue I think.

  john bunyan 23:04 17 Apr 2014


Yes, Libraries all show nearly all my .jpegs are in my F/My Documents/My Pictures/ folder (Data Partition.) This phenomenon only occurred when I did a custom scan , not with the Malawarebytes quick scan. I will have another look tomorrow.

  lotvic 23:06 17 Apr 2014

Woolwell, check that you have got 'show hidden files' enabled. click here this guy had 1.5gb of hidden files in there.

Have a read of click here thread, it makes for scary reading of how big that folder can grow to >:O

  rdave13 23:22 17 Apr 2014

lotvic, you a member?

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