Can I copy Offline Web Pages?

  Brirev 22:06 29 Apr 2004

Internet Explorer: Favourites
I've synchronised some web pages that I want to view offline.

I'd like to back them up in case they go from the net and my PC: mostly, out of interest rather than from any definite need. Anyway, Windows XP won't let me copy them from the folder they are stored in - at best I get a shortcut link, which is no good at all!

Does anyone know a way of copying such files? (They are stored in C:/WINDOWS/Offline Web Pages)


  GaT7 23:02 29 Apr 2004

Try saving/backing-up the entire 'Offline Web Pages' folder.

  johnnyrocker 23:05 29 Apr 2004

add them to favourites then click file (top left of window) select import/export and save favourites to a floppy etc.


  Dan the Confused 23:07 29 Apr 2004

Never done it, but you could try 'File->Save as' (in IE) to wherever.

  GaT7 23:24 29 Apr 2004

As Dan the Confused suggests, a very easy, fast & efficient way of saving webpages to view later is using the 'Save As option in IE. In the 'Save as type' dialogue box select 'Web Archive, single file (*.mht)'. Experiment with the other file types & you'll see why I suggest to save in the .mht format. These .mht files can easily be copied/backuped individually just like any other file.

  johnnyrocker 23:27 29 Apr 2004

i am sure add to favourites and then file import export is a much simpler way to do it but hey i am not that techie.


  Brirev 21:44 10 May 2004

Thanks for your answers so far - I'll certainly try the *.mht approach as a first step next time I want to try and do something like this, but it doesn't help me with my current problem: namely, I just can't copy the contents of the "Offline Web Pages Folder" in the way suggested by Crossbow7's 1st posting above. Cheers.

  GaT7 23:01 10 May 2004

Right-click the 'Offline Web Pages' folder. Click on Copy. Go to the folder you want to save a backup copy to, & press Paste. Open the copied folder to confirm that the files have now been saved/backed-up correctly & to your satisfaction.

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