Can I convert .doc files to .bmp?

  fudge 13:53 15 Jan 2003
  fudge 13:53 15 Jan 2003

I've got a letterhead saved as a word document, (extension .doc) but I want to insert it into another programme that will only accept bitmaps (.bmp).

Is there any way this file can be converted to bitmap, other than scanning the original document?

I've tried that but the result is not clear enough for what I want, even at very high scan resulutions. Looks OK on screen but prints are not good enough.

  BrianW 14:03 15 Jan 2003

Just tried it. Opened document in Word, "Copied" a section of the document, opened a blank sheet in PSP7, "Pasted" as "New Image", saved in bmp format. If it works with PSP7 it may well work with other graphics packages - give it a go.

  Diemmess 15:24 15 Jan 2003

I think you are rather "over a barrel" here......The difficulty is X2 because first and last the destination is one that will only accept bitmaps.

You say "short of scanning it" suggests that you will be doing this often?

Trouble is bitmaps always suffer furry or jagged edges except at huge resolutions.

In the past I have tried pcx, and more recently jpg as a "better format."

There we go again up against the target file only accepting bmp

If you really want sharp definition then as the Irishman said " I wouldn't start from here if I were you"

  €dstow 15:28 15 Jan 2003

I would look seriously at using a receiving program which is more accommodating in what it is able to accept.


  cherria 15:46 15 Jan 2003

If you are able to scale the image in the receiving application that wants a .bmp, one solution to get better resolution is view it in word at the highest zoom that allows you to see the whole letterhead on screen. Hit the printscreen button. go into a graphics program and paste the screenshot (paintbrush will do the job) cut out just the bit you want to keep and save this.

Import the image and resize it to be the size you want it. Because the original was larger you should get better resolution when you print.

However as Diemmess says, .bmps give you rubbish quality in general.

  tbh72 16:35 15 Jan 2003

As it is something you are going to use again and again is it possible for you to try and recreate the image in Paintshop. If you are looking for clarity I would recommend you make the image as big as possible. Eg if you have to Type Word's ensure you set the character size to 72. Once the file has been saved as BMP, it may be a large file, but when or if you need to resize it within the given software the image will remain clear.

Microsoft Photo Editor also has some nice little features such a smoothing etc....

I'd happily take a look for you!!!!

  fudge 17:38 15 Jan 2003

Thanks for all the ideas.

I've tried all except tbh72's suggestion - I'll try that now.

I can't change the receiving application but I can't blame the software. That was intended to reproduce logos only, not printed words that I'm trying to re-create.

I'll be back if I don't get anywhere.

  tbh72 04:56 20 Jan 2003

Haven't heard anymore, So I guess you managed to successfully recreate your logo!!!! Good Job

  fudge 09:41 20 Jan 2003

Yes I did, thanks, using your suggestion. It's not perfect as bitmaps are quite blocky, but it's the best compromise. Thanks for the help.

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