Can I control my daughters web site access?

  User-28EFB4AB-B4CD-4D27-A0C269BD9B556760 12:49 03 Nov 2005

My daughter now has a computer of her own, and is of the age where access to certain types of web sites will possibily be attempted. Is there any way that I can block the viewing of these sites.

  ACOLYTE 12:56 03 Nov 2005

There will always be a way to get to undesirable sites no matter how much effort and programs you utilise to stop it,there are simply to many to block them all.
Also kids seem to be quick to get around any things you put in place,and may even come to resent you interfering,even though it's for her own well being.
Explain to you daughter the possible dangers of such sites,viruses/trojans and worse,if she is old enough to have a pc she should be also old enough to have the responsibility that goes with it.

  PaulB2005 13:02 03 Nov 2005

I'm not sure what age you are referring to but children shouldn't really be left unattended with the Internet. It's not a children's environment no matter how many ring-tones are available. If she is of "the age where access to certain types of web sites will possibly be attempted" then perhaps discuss it with her and discuss why those sorts of sites should be avoided. Place the PC in a "public" location in the house - not in her room.

Programs can be used to block these sites but they can be more hassle than they are worth. The lists are often out of date or block innocent sites.

A bit of parental guidance should be all she needs.

Norton Internet Security is a combination of anti virus, firewall and parental control so consider that. Trial available at click here

  amonra 14:42 03 Nov 2005

I agree with Paul^, put the computer in the hall or on the landing, somewhere where you can occasionally "happen to pass by "

  sawdox 14:50 03 Nov 2005

I've had similar problems in supervising a 13yr old. How can I check what sites have been visited when I'm not there?

Thank you all for your response. I have noted your comments and will act on them.
Many Thanks from The Game Keeper

To check what sites your 13 year old has visited in your absense, click on the history button which you will find on your toolbar immediately to the right of the 'Favorites Star' (Windows XP).
Hope this helps.

  sawdox 15:04 03 Nov 2005

Thanks Game Keeper but I've done that and it turns out that there is no History! In other words I think someone's told him to delete history before he logs off.

  keef66 16:00 03 Nov 2005

alternatively use windows explorer to rummage around in the temporary internet files; this will give an indication of what's been visited. Have a stiff drink first though!

  g0slp 16:07 03 Nov 2005

Isn't that the truth!

Some barring of sites & setting a password for Internet Options is probably called for.

  ACOLYTE 19:46 03 Nov 2005

You can ban sites and words/pictures in IE options with the content advisor,but it will bar everyone not just your daughter and somtimes it can get overzealous in its approach and will block a site just for having one word you dont can be set to allow accses with a password,and you choose the ratings.

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