Can I connect my Laptop to a Sky + HD Box?

  valbv 19:31 24 Dec 2009

I am wondering if I can download the recorded programs on a Sky+HD Box to my laptop (running Vista). The info in the Sky handbook is sketchy but does say you can download to a VCR/DVR. Any advice will be most welcome.

  ame 21:39 24 Dec 2009

Don't think so - everyone would be doin it! (Pirates ahoy?) Searched this on the web some time ago and came across lots of people askin/tryin the same thing. Would like to be proved wrong tho'!!

  Strawballs 16:41 26 Dec 2009

The V+ box has a USB on the back but never tried it and I have no experence of SKY+, I use DVD recorder connected via scart to the V+ to put to disc

  natdoor 10:04 28 Dec 2009

It should be possible using a video capture card.

  Forum Editor 10:14 28 Dec 2009

will be encrypted, and can only be viewed via a SKY+ box with a valid viewing card inserted.

  ame 16:58 28 Dec 2009

That's what I found when I searched the web, but wasn't sure if some way of decoding it had been found since. Out of interest, the Sky+ box has a usb connector but it doesn't do anything as far as the normal user is concerned.

If it is Sky+HD you can. I have Sky+ HD. If your laptop or desktop has a HDMI port just connect it using HDMI. Then go into Media Centre and select it as your TV Tuner. It would be a lot easier in Windows 7 since it includes a Sky Player in the Media Centre.

  ame 21:58 30 Dec 2009

I stand corrected then. I don't have HD, but presumed the only real difference was the image quality.

  valbv 13:22 01 Jan 2010

Many thanks for all your responses. I note from the HD+ box instructions that to free up space on its hard drive it can be connected to either a video or dvd recorder using the scart socket on the box, and includes instructions on how to download. It seems this is the only way available. I do have a VCR and I have transferred old Videos to disk on a desktop computer in the past. Maybe this is the only way forward. I will leave this subject open for a little longer incase anyone has done this and would care to advise me how easy (or not) this route may be. Many thanks agains to you all.

  natdoor 15:27 01 Jan 2010

It was not clear if you were proposing to record on tape and then make a DVD via the PC from that tape. That should not be necessary as the STB probably provides video which is in the form used to record from the VHS recorder, so it can be captured directly.

What connection(s) on your VHS recorder did you use to connect with your PC? If a Scart, then do as you did before but replacing the VHS recorder by the STB and, provided the STB is outputting video in the form used from the VHS (S-Video or Composite), this will work. If you have used S-Video or Composite Video sockets on your VHS recorder from which to record, you will need to use a 2 way Scart to S-Video and/or composite video adapter to connect with your video capture facility, either an in-built facility of your PC or an in-line capture card.

You can also use the black VGA port on the back.

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