can i connect to internet with laptop!

  agent 47 17:44 25 Feb 2006

i was wandering how i connect to the internet with my laptop, away from home?
what sort of device would i need for my laptop to connect to the net outside my home, ie:-
if i was outside and i didnt have a landline how could i connect to the internet?
do i need some sort of satellite device or something?
thanks, agent47!

  ade.h 17:53 25 Feb 2006

Yes, you could walk around carrying a small satellite dish as Jason Bradbury did on the last series of The Gadget Show!

Or you could just buy a 3G PCMCIA card from Vodafone or Orange.

Or you could seek out a wifi hotspot. Just be wary of spoofing when using wifi hotspots in public places (hotels, airports, cafes, etc.)

  Charence 18:37 25 Feb 2006

or if you have a mobile phone with GPRS/3G capabilites and both your phone and laptop can connect to each other (e.g. infra-red, bluetooth) then you can use connect to the internet via your mobile. This might be quite expensive though.

  agent 47 19:00 25 Feb 2006

ok, so if i buy a vodafone 3g data card kit,
how much is the service charge per month or whatever it is.
i am with tiscali broadband on my home pc, do they offer any sort of laptop anywhere 3g thingy internet?

  ade.h 19:10 25 Feb 2006

It is available on PAYG and monthly tariffs. I use mine on PAYG. click here

It's useful whenever there are no hotspots around.

  agent 47 19:30 25 Feb 2006

is there a cheaper option for the internet, with my laptop, instead of vodafone 3g data card kit.
like a dial-up connection sort of thing?

  ade.h 21:05 25 Feb 2006

Nope. It's either that or hotspots, as I said. For a dial-up service on the move, you're going to need the use of someone's phone line and be tied to one place.

  ruskle 21:05 25 Feb 2006

You will be amazed how quickly you use up your data on the Vodaphone card, I use mine only as a last resort, it's £2 a Mb on PAYG. a Wi Fi connection from BT Openzone is £6 an hour, to be used within 24 hours from first login.
I also have a Bluetooth phone and bluetooth laptop and for a VERY QUICK recovery of email I use the dial up connection and pay for the time connected on my monthly bill, even this is not cheap. I am lucky to have a business account otherwise I would wait untill I got home.


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