Can I connect an external hard drive to an android tablet?

  barbersweb 13:04 28 Mar 2014

Hi - I have a Tesco Hudl tablet and travel to remote areas and not able to connect to wi-fi but am able to get AC power. I enjoy movies and want to know if there is a way to view movies on my Hudl that are stored on my Toshiba StorE Basics hard drive?

I have received conflicting advice on this being possible but in theory, I understand that I would need to supply power to the HD, via a 5v charger and download a File Manager app to the tablet.

I understand that I will need the following:

1) Android tablet 2) External hard drive 3) 5 v charger 4) Short USB A male to right angle micro B microusb cable 5) USB 2.0 Male+Micro B 5pin Male to USB A Female Host OTG Converter Adapter Cable

The method would be to: 1) Connect the micro B end of ‘4’ to the tablet and the other usbA end to ‘5’ 2) Connect the other two ends of ‘5’ to the External hard drive and the 5v charger

Is this correct? Will it work? Help please!!!!! Barry

  spuds 13:41 28 Mar 2014

Not sure if this is of help, but if you look on eBay and item 200999962944 Micro USB to Female USB OTG Adapter for Tesco Hudl Tablet at £1.95 might be the or one answer. You could also perhaps ask the seller for further advice?.

  Batch 15:08 28 Mar 2014

You might find it easier (and a lot neater) to use a high capacity flash drive instead along with an OTG cable (or even an OTG USB adapter which does the same thing as the cable, but is neater - click here ).

Or even a flash drive that has dual connectors (standard USB for PC and micro USB for your tablet), such as this 32GB one.

If you look around on the MyMemory site you should find a number of other dual connector flash drives.

  rickf 15:14 28 Mar 2014

I doubt if the android system will be able to see the hard disc to start with. What I have done is concert my movies to MP$, the copy to micro sd card and bingo!!

  rickf 15:15 28 Mar 2014

Sorry, should read MP4

  barbersweb 15:45 28 Mar 2014

Wow - thanks for the answers so for thought.

There's a clip on YouTube called 'How to connect external hard drive to Android tablet' - but not only is it very long & waffly but it's poor quality and the Indian guy is hard to understand........

BUT he says it can be done - I'm just hoping someone will answer who's trid it!

In the meantime, thanks again for ideas - keep them coming!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:13 28 Mar 2014

I have a powered 3.5inch drive that has been connected to a nexus 7 with the OTG cable and an app - nexus media transfer.

Used it to watch a film I had on the drive,

yes It works but easier to copy films across

the tablet will probably not power a small (laptop) drive on its own.

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