can I connect Belkin router to internal modem

  Old Town Steve 13:47 05 Dec 2006

I've been given a wireless G router, which needs to be connected to a modem. My desktop pc has an in built modem (intel 537EP V9xDF PCI modem), would it be possible for the router to work via this? Im currently conected to the internet via a BT Voyager 205. My aim is to allow my daughter to use my internet connection from her laptop.

  mgmcc 20:08 05 Dec 2006

As I understand it, you have a "non-wireless" Voyager 205 router and a Wireless Cable/DSL router. You should be able to connect the Wireless Router's WAN port (which would normally connect to an ethernet modem) to the Voyager's ethernet LAN port. Then connect your PC and your daughter's laptop to the Wireless Router, either by ethernet cable or wirelessly.

  Old Town Steve 13:31 06 Dec 2006

mgmmcc, many thanks for your help again. a couple more questions, would I need to install the belkin wireless router software onto my desktop? Or just plug the wireless belkin straight into my voyager 205?
Also once connected how do I then network to my daughter's laptop?

Many thanks

  mgmcc 14:01 06 Dec 2006

You don't install any software in the PC. Connect the wireless router's WAN port to the voyager's LAN port and your PC to one of the *wireless* router's LAN ports. Type the router's IP address into your web browser to open its "Setup" pages and configure it to connect to the Voyager. This will be the most basic setting although the description varies from router to router - it is a "direct" connection or "DHCP" connection or similar. You *DO NOT* use any dialup protocol such as PPPoE and you don't enter Username or Password - it is still your Voyager with the built-in modem which must connect with the ISP.

You also need to configure the "wireless" settings. It will have a default SSID (network name) which you should change to your own name. Enable its radio, which may just involve changing from "Disabled" to "G-Only". Ensure it is set to Broadcast its SSID, otherwise you won't find it when scanning in the laptop for Available Wireless Networks. You need to enable encryption to prevent "uninvited guests" from accessing the wireless network, but I would suggest you get it working reliably first.

  Old Town Steve 18:21 06 Dec 2006

Thanks again mgmcc. Sorry I don't understand a couple of points. Currently my voyager 205 is connected via USB, and I have just the one spare port for ethernet left on the voyager. Do I just connect this port via ethernet cable to the ethernet port on the belkin wireless router? Also how do I find my routers address? And which one do I need to put in Voyager or the belkin?

  mgmcc 20:12 06 Dec 2006

<<< I have just the one spare port for ethernet left on the voyager. Do I just connect this port via ethernet cable to the ethernet port on the belkin wireless router? >>>

Yes, connect this port to the Belkin's WAN port. It will have four LAN ports (Local Area Network) and one WAN port (Wide Area Network or "Internet"), you must use the WAN port to connect to the Voyager's LAN port.

<<< Also how do I find my routers address? >>>

A Belkin router will have the IP address which you type into your web browser. This should open its Configuration pages. (You don't do anything with the Voyager's settings as that has already been set up and, presumably, works reliably.)

  Old Town Steve 07:58 07 Dec 2006

Thnaks again mgmcc your a star. One final thing I need to know is what do I have to do so my daughter can connect to the internet connection, i.e. do I need to configure her laptop? And what do I need to do to the desktop settings?

  mgmcc 09:24 07 Dec 2006

If the Belkin router has been set up correctly and is online (it should have got its WAN IP address from the Voyager router), you should only have to plug your desktop PC into one of the Belkin router's LAN ports with an ethernet cable. It will get its IP address in the 192.168.2.x range from the router and you should be online.

However, having previously used a USB connection to the Voyager router, you *might* have to uninstall any software related to that connection. I know that BT's Voyager and Orange/Wanadoo's Livebox support a USB connection, but this is an unconventional method of connecting to a router.

As far as your daughter's laptop is concerned, she should run the wireless adapter's software, scan for "Available Wireless Networks", find and highlight the one that matches your router's SSID (network name) and select the option to "Connect" to it. You should be prompted to enter any WEP or WPA encryption key and, once "Connected", the wireless adapter should get its IP address by DHCP from the router and you should have network and internet access.

  Old Town Steve 08:06 08 Dec 2006

Can I not just keep the voyager connected by the USB connection? If not then do I just disconnect the USB and plug into the ethernet port with my ethernet cable? Thanks for all your help, I think I know what to do, but just to clarify, do I connect the voyager and blekin together first and then connect to my PC?

  mgmcc 09:02 08 Dec 2006

Yes, you could continue to connect your PC via USB to the Voyager and run your daughter's wirelessly via the Belkin. The two computers would be in different subnets (IP address ranges) and would be unable to communicate with one another should you want to have a "Local Area Network" with file and printer sharing.

<<< do I connect the voyager and belkin together first and then connect to my PC? >>>

Everything should be powered off while you make the connections, but you would boot the Voyager first, then the Belkin, because it gets its IP address from the Voyager, and finally the PC which gets its IP address from the Belkin.

  Old Town Steve 12:51 27 Dec 2006

More help required! I've connected my voyager router to the belkin router as previously stated, and i can connect to the internet on my destop pc, however I can't get to the belkin set up (by typing into browser) keep getting page cannot be found! Any ideas how I can acheive this? I've also run wireless network wizard, and my daughters laptop can see the belkin, but cannot connect to it. Any help greatly appreciated.

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