Can I change sheet numbering in Excel ?

  timothywilliam 16:23 29 Feb 2004

I have Microsoft Office 2000 in XP and my query is in Excel.
I have one Work Book.
I had four sheets set up with about twenty columns of data. They were numbered from sheet 1 to 4.
I then needed to set up another sheet in the same format and it called itself Sheet 5.
I need Sheet 5 to be named Sheet 1 now, what is now sheet I to be sheet 2, sheet 2 to be sheet 3, and sheet four to be sheet 5. I cannot find any way of doing this in Help, can anyone help me please ?

  VoG II 16:26 29 Feb 2004

Double click a sheet tab and you can rename it (or right click and select rename).

You will have to call one of them SheetX or similar whilst you do the adjustments as 2 sheets cannot have the same name.

  daba 16:56 29 Feb 2004

Actually this won't change the sheet number, only the name that is assigned to the sheet.

So "Sheet1" will always be "Sheet1" whether it is named "Sheet1" or "Sheet2" or whatever.

Right-click on a sheet tab and "View code" to get into vba and you will see what i mean - under "Microsoft Excel Objects" you will see "Sheet1(Sheet1)" The Object is Sheet1, and its name (what is displayed on the tab) is also "Sheet1". Any external references to data on this sheet will be to Sheet1, and that could be called Sheet3.

  Eric10 19:11 29 Feb 2004

If it's just the names of the sheets you need to change then follow VoG's advice.

If it's the actual sheet number, as outlined by daba, that you want to change then I would start a new spreadsheet and copy each sheet from the old one and paste it in the position you require in the new one.

  TBH1 00:46 01 Mar 2004

rename sheet5 to sheet6, then 4 to 5, then 3 to 4, then 2 to 3 then 1 to 2 - - -then 6 to 1 and move sheet1 ( the one you have just renamed 6 to 1) to before sheet2 - - -- job done, goodnight !

  Eric10 08:21 01 Mar 2004


You've missed daba's point. If you right-click the tab and view the VB code of your new Sheet1 after moving it from Sheet6 you'll find that it's still numbered as sheet6. Only the name has changed to Sheet1.

  TBH1 12:32 01 Mar 2004

Eric10 - - it does indded appear that I have 'missed the point' - - - I thought he just wanted them labelled differently.

  VoG II 12:37 01 Mar 2004

"I need Sheet 5 to be *named* Sheet 1 now,..."

  Eric10 12:39 01 Mar 2004

Point taken VoG.

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