Can i change the drive letter of my system drive ?

  jameswalpole 17:07 04 Oct 2004

I'm running XP pro, SP2, my system drive is drive F: but i need to change it to C:.

Is it possible to change without reformatting ?


  MichelleC 17:14 04 Oct 2004

In w2k it's control panel/admin tools/computer management/disk management/and right-click. But you can't change a letter until the original drive letter has been changed, and rebooted.

  MichelleC 17:15 04 Oct 2004

I think may be a prob changing system drive (c).

  jameswalpole 17:17 04 Oct 2004

Obviously the major problem is the programs on my machine that will all be looking for the F: path.

  MichelleC 17:22 04 Oct 2004

Sometimes changing system drive works and sometimes not but this is procedure click here. As far as I know the paths are auto changed.

  SANTOS7 17:25 04 Oct 2004

click here info here but involves registry editing,good luck

  jameswalpole 17:37 04 Oct 2004

Cheers for the links, both recommend against performing the proceedure unless the drive letter has been changed since installation.

Can Partition magic do it ?

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