Can I change the COLOUR of my desktop icon fonts?

  AngeTheHippy 12:01 29 May 2004

Hi Chaps, I'm using a light colour background and the fonts under my icons are too light... I've looked in display/appearance which lets me change font style, size etc., but it doesn't have the option of changing the colour - any ideas please?


  Frank-P 12:38 29 May 2004

You don't say what OS you are using. On XP-Home, right click on the desktop, properties, appearance tab, and there ia drop down for colour.

  Molded 13:07 29 May 2004

Have a look at this :


  Graham ® 13:17 29 May 2004

You can't copy and paste Microsoft links directly. Do it like this:

click here

Although Microsoft tells you how to do it, not all options are available in XP. You will see that the icon font colour is greyed out.

There may be some third party software that you could try.

  Graham ® 13:21 29 May 2004

Sorry, you have copied from VoGs thread? Take the space out for it to go click here.

  TomJerry 14:03 29 May 2004
  pj123 14:13 29 May 2004

I am on Win98SE and I have just tried it. I don't get an option to change the font colour, so in my case the answer is No.

  beeuuem 14:50 29 May 2004

You could try downloading Activicons from click here

Once loaded, take the slider on the left to the second from bottom and you can change the icon text colour to anything you want.

  AngeTheHippy 22:01 29 May 2004

sorry, should have told ya XP-home.... Frank P, the drop down you mention is indeed 'greyed out' - I don't have the option to change the font colour. Graham, yeah, just looked at the site you suggest, not helping though. There are plenty of 3rd party s/w's, true, but it seems once I start bu****ing about with intricacies like this something major goes wrong, so will just change the wallpaper. Doh...

Thanx all,


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