Can I buy a modem cable with one male & 2 Females

  prince midas 10:04 06 Jan 2009

I am running a broadband modem using a male cable connection which fits into a small female connection on the outside wall provided by BT.
This works fine.

I have now bought a wireless Laptop which is working fine using a seperate wireless aerial
connection. But because I have not got a wireless connection on my original Desktop PC I have to change the small modem cable connection in the outside wall over if I swap from Desktop to Laptop or Vice Versa. I know I could have the Desktop fitted with a wireless fitted inside it,but it would be easier to buy a simple splitter which would have one male connection and 2 female connections so I could leave the Desktop and Wireless permanently connected all the time without having to change over the cables.
To repeat I am talking about the small connectors they use on Modems not the big phone connectors which you can buy to split signals from phones. Does anyone sell what I require,help please.

  The Kestrel 10:21 06 Jan 2009

Why not buy a wireless adapter that simply connects to a USB port on your desktop. click here for a whole range of adapters and prices. I use a Netgear adapter and this works perfectly on my dektop PC.

  PalaeoBill 10:23 06 Jan 2009

No, you can't split a modem cable.

More information please:
Who is your service provider and what equipment have they given you for connection. Is it just a broadband modem, what connections does it have RJ45 ethernet/USB both (what is the make/model).

Can you actually connect via wireless or do you just mean that the laptop has wireless. When you switch over from laptop to desktop, what are you plugging the laptop into.

I think what you need is a wireless router and your service provider may well give you a free one if you just call them.

  ambra4 10:32 06 Jan 2009

What you need is a wireless router there are two types that you can use

A straight wireless router that connect between the modem and the computers

NETGEAR Wireless 54Mbps Cable/ DSL Firewall Router with 4 port Switch

click here

Or a combine wireless modem router which replace your present modem

Belkin Wireless 54Mbps ADSL Modem Router

click here

All computers is connected to the router either via the Ethernet cable pots or via the wireless system

  prince midas 10:58 06 Jan 2009

I am permanently connected to Tiscaly with a Modemm no problem..But with my Wireless laptop I got a free wireless connection system which is a box with a little aerial which receives signals from my wireless laptop but I had to disconnect my modem because I needed the little connection on the wall from Bt which means I have to disconnect the small connection to the wall soccect when I wish to use the siemens Gigaset Port Wireless SE587 as the modem which uses my desktop router is plugged into this.

  jolorna 11:24 06 Jan 2009

do you mean your bt main socket is on the outside of the house when you say, I am running a broadband modem using a male cable connection which fits into a small female connection on the outside wall provided by BT?

  PalaeoBill 11:28 06 Jan 2009

I understand now.

The Gigaset SE587 is a wireless router and will replace your existing modem.
I assume your desktop is connected to the modem via USB.

You have a couple of options.
1) If your desktop has an ethernet network card installed in it you can just plug a straight RJ45 cable between the desktop and one of the four ports on the SE587.
If it doesn't you can buy one for a few pounds and install it inside your desktop.
click here

2) If you don't want to go inside your desktop you can get a wireless USB adaptor for the desktop. Something like this:
click here

  ambra4 11:32 06 Jan 2009

The Gigaset Port Wireless SE587 is a combine wireless modem router you just have to connect

it to the phone line, and the computer to one of the 4 router port

There is no need to keep changing the units just use the the Gigaset Port Wireless SE587

  prince midas 11:39 06 Jan 2009

My Desktop modem is about 10foot from my outside wall BT Socket.
I run a cable from my Desktop Modem to the BT wall socket,and connect the male connector from the end of the cable to the outside wall female BT socket to give me a desktop Broadband Connection which works great.

When I got the extra Siemens Gigaset SE587 4 Port Wireless Router from Tiscaly to connect my new Laptop Wireless to, I had to disconnect the male connector at the BT wall socket to fit my new Wireless Router to it.Which means I am now connected to the Laptop Wireless through this new Router and the Desktop is not connected.If I want to reconnect the Desktop I just remove the Laptop Routers cable from the BT wall socket and replace it with the Desktop cable and repeat each time I want to use one or the other. If I had a lttle swich connector I could have both Desktop and Laptop connected together but using my way I have to swap the cable fitting over to use Desktop or Laptop,hence my wishing to purchas a little cable switch unit similar to a Phone double socket but smaller designed to accept a modem cable male fitting.

  ambra4 12:24 06 Jan 2009

Still not sure how you connecting the bb modem

The bt broadband modem is connect to the bt wall socket and a Ethernet cable from the modem is connected to the Lan port on the desktop

“I had to disconnect the male connector at the BT wall socket to fit my new Wireless Router to it.
Which means I am now connected to the Laptop Wireless through this new Router and the Desktop is not connected”

You connect the desktop to one of the 4 port on the router

  PalaeoBill 19:18 06 Jan 2009

You can't do what you want sorry. Even if such a switch box existed, BT would be non too pleased with you for using it.
It is not a good idea to continually switch between router and modem either. Those little RJ11 connectors are not designed for that kind of wear and tear, you will break one and it will all end in tears. Every time you do it, the modem or router will have to log in again and re-activate the broadband connection. That is crying out for problem too (lost configuration, etc...).
My advice is to bite the bullet, buy a bit of inexpensive hardware and do the job properly. I suggest an ethernet card an a few metres of utp cable.

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