??CAN I "bounce" spam from this address??

  end 22:40 09 Apr 2004

I have a talkgas e mail address that is receiving spam from very strange addresses. bar deleting them , is there any way I can chuck them back so that they " appear" to be returned from an ivalid adress.????? I get to the e mail via
click here
CAN i do anything about this , or is it a case of " live with it" and just delete the things without opening????

  rubella 22:43 09 Apr 2004
  Taw® 22:46 09 Apr 2004

Cant seem to find the link but if my mem recalls it is not really worth bouncing as it actually lets them know that your address is valid. Someone will no doubt clarify this I think the info was supplied by Vog ( sorry if it was not you Vog)

  hugh-265156 22:51 09 Apr 2004

see my advice click here i may be very wrong but find it works well for me.

so far :-)

  josie mayhem 22:53 09 Apr 2004

Couldn't see where you were going on you link. But the only problem with trying to bounce spam back, is that they still know that you e-mail account is working.

Outlook, has a basic filter that can be used to filter out spam, sometime ISP's provider have a system that your mail can be diverted so that spam can be removed. The only problem sometimes with these is that they removed/stopped some e-mail that you want getting through.

Me, I use two e-mail accounts, one for family and friends, which doesn't suffer from spamming, and another that I use for all other business via e-mail, and this one suffers, but I jsut delete it when it comes, it really dosen't take a minute to complete, and the sender never knows weather it's alive or not?

  end 23:00 09 Apr 2004

huggyg71; hi,your last line of your entry seems to contradict the rest of it!!! you say " dont bounce, just delete".....
at th moment i am just deleting, and so far am not flooded with the rubbish; but where they GET my address from beats me......

  hugh-265156 23:02 09 Apr 2004

how do i contradict myself?

i advised to blacklist and delete them.

set up a friends list

do not bounce.

  GaT7 23:04 09 Apr 2004

Yes, just delete & don't bounce. If it gets unbearable you can dispose off your current [infected] email address for good & get a new one. This can be a problem as it'll involve informing everyone (except the spammers, of course!) about the change. In the future be careful to who you give your e-mail address to (especially dodgy sites). Or, if in doubt you could use disposable e-mail addresses from Mailinator.com click here Spamgourmet.net - click here.

  spuds 13:22 10 Apr 2004

Wouldn't suggest or recommend bouncing, as this only causes re-routing and server congestion. Just delete, is the best way.

Try here for some good information and downloads click here

  end 10:20 17 Apr 2004

crossbow7 is suggesting that my curent e mail is " infected"....ummm can you elaborate on that???? yes, I AM seemingly attracting more spam, but HOW........as I am not responding TO them and really just deleting them,,, so.....

  Forum Editor 10:29 17 Apr 2004

The Internet is badly clogged with spam as it is, and by bouncing these messages you are simply adding to the problem. You won't be harming the spammer - many messages come from spoofed addresses anyway.

Just delete spam when it arrives, and keep your fingers crossed that the flood will gradually subside. I used to receive upwards of 200/300 spam messages a day, but good filtering software on my mailserver, plus the excellent filters in Outlook 2003 have reduced this figure until now I am only likely to see two or three spam messages each day.

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