Can I backup my games?

  Pooke 12:19 17 Aug 2005

Previously my daughter got a hold of a disc from the sims 2, it eventually cost me £30 to get a new one.

Not wanting to fork out again, is there a program that will allow me to backup the play disc for each of my games.

I don't wanna backup all the discs, just the the one disc for each of my games that's required for the game to load.


  ACOLYTE 12:22 17 Aug 2005

There are programs to do this im not sure how legal it is though,and the disks may still not load the game by using the copy depending on the protection on the cd.

  Pooke 12:42 17 Aug 2005

3 tries and 3 log ins just to read my post, grrr.

Anyway, I appreciate that it might not work, can someone point to a capable program?

From my understanding backing up although illegal in the UK is not frowned upon or taken seriously. Unlike real piracy, distributing counterfeit goods and downloading cracks and what have you. Someone I know downloads all his games including GTA and the sims 2 etc and he laughs at me for paying!


  ACOLYTE 12:56 17 Aug 2005

click here

may be able to do what you want.

  gudgulf 12:57 17 Aug 2005

In order to do what you are suggesting you need to get round the cd copy protection......usually using a "no cd" crack.This lets you run the game without inserting the cd or to make a backup copy of the game.


It is as ACOLYTE says illegal to do this.

Here is a relevant Wikipedia link on this topic click here

  Aspman 13:37 17 Aug 2005

Found this:

Computer games users enjoy a special privilege under the existing copyright law. According to Section 50(A) of the 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, legal purchasers of computer games are explicitly permitted to make a backup copy of their purchase. (Interestingly, the rule specifically applies to computer games. For no adequately-explained reason, purchasers of music CDs or DVD movies are not granted the same rights to protect their investment.


This section of the law has NOT been changed by the CRRA. You are still entitled by UK law to make a backup copy of any piece of software you buy legally. Where things start to get interesting, though, is in Section 296Z of the new law. Section 296 makes it an offence to do anything at all which is designed to circumvent any piece of copyright protection technology put in place by the manufacturers or distributors of any copyrighted work.

Source:click here

So yes you can back it up but no you can't do anything to break copy protection measures.
Basically you won't be able to copy many games without cracking them which is illegal.

In the real world? If I owned a game and it was at risk of damage I'd crack it and use a copy keeping the original safe.

I copy music CDs for the car after having several hundred quid of CDs nicked in the past.

It's worth reading the whole page the legal issues are by no means black and white.

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