can i back up data between 2 laptops with a server

  give-up 15:49 09 Oct 2005

I use 2 laptops that share a lot of files, i would like to be able to back up files between the 2 laptops in order to update changes made on either machine and to safeguard info in the event of either machine crashing.

Would a server be the best way of doing this, if so what do I need to buy?

also, would new software or software updates be loaded on the server or 1 or both laptops?

  Access genu 15:53 09 Oct 2005

I can thinl of cheaper ways. pen dirves, externsl hard drive, cdrw to name but a few

  mgmcc 17:22 09 Oct 2005

Have a look at the "Allway Sync" program to synchronise files between computers - click here

Just be aware that it is free for "moderate home use". When it reckons you have used it too much, it prompts you to update to the "paid-for" Pro version. If you continue to use it excessively, it stops working until either you pay, or your usage over the last 30 days drops back to its idea of "moderate" use.

I find it very good, but they are not "up front" about the very restricted use of the free version.

  dobbin 17:38 09 Oct 2005

I use a programme called synchromagic which synchronises everything between two computers. It is easy to set up and works brilliantly. It can be downloaded and costs only a few pounds.

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