Can I avoid User name/account with Net frame 1.1 ? 09:30 02 Oct 2005

I have Bought & installed "Clicker 5", which is a specialist educational software, for my daughter. In order to use Clicker you have to have MS Netframe installed. Now if I leave my PC running it goes to screen saver, but on moving the mouse it goes to the Blue screen with the "Select User Account" option. As I only have one user (me!) that is the only option anyway. However in Control Panel>user accounts I get an asp.machine user showing. If I delete it the software doesn't work.It isn't overly important, but I get irritated having to go through the process of the extra screen in order to check my mail etc, when I am "passing", is there any way around this? (would it hurt to disable the screensaver altogether? I do leave the PC on all day)

  bruno 09:34 02 Oct 2005

Many people never use a screen saver.It is a hangover from days when computer screens suffered from "burn in" ,but monitors have moved on since those days.

  MAJ 09:59 02 Oct 2005

Turn off the screensaver, Debe, and if it asks you to click your username on Bootup, "change the way users log on" by using the Welcome screen in User Accounts. Or you can download TweakUI for XP if you click here and set the AutoLogon option.

  Eric10 10:27 02 Oct 2005

I don't use a screensaver either as I find it an unacceptable nuisance but for those that do like a screensaver then with XP you can remove the tick from 'On resume, display Welcome screen' on the screensaver tab of Display Properties so it will come straight back without the login screen. 19:54 02 Oct 2005

Thank-you, problem solved! I followed Eric10's advice and that does the job perfectly! Many thanks to you all!

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