Can I avoid a Landline for Broadband ?

  User-324448 15:16 26 Nov 2007

hello folks, let me explain, we live a little out in the sticks and are at the very tail end of a poor Broadband cable that belongs to BT, my supplier is Orange.
a few days ago we had BTs bill for the 1/4, this was around £40 for line rent and its service etc and £4 for calls, Thats £160 a year for the use of the line (plus oranges fee,) and our calls around £16.
My pal lives in the sticks in California without a landline but can use a fast (broadband ) connection. Can we in the UK have a satalight connection without the use of Skye ?

  DieSse 15:25 26 Nov 2007

I've got broadband without a landline here in Spain. It's run by a wireless WAN - the transmitter is about 25kM away.

So yes it's possible - but whether there's suitable service in your area is another matter.

Possibilities are

2-way satellite - very expensive

1-way satellite, with your upwards connection via telephone (OKish for downloads.)

WAN wireless - only if there's a service where you are.

Broadband over the electricity distribution - only if there's a service where you are

Broadband via a mobile phone service connection (ask Orange) - expensive, but getting better with flat-rate plans.

You'll have to look into each one for the area you live in.

  johnnyrocker 15:26 26 Nov 2007

might get some help if you
click here=


  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:37 26 Nov 2007



  User-324448 15:46 26 Nov 2007

Gandalf Youve helped me in the past I think but there is no cable service out in this part of Wales.
Johny rocker Thanks for the link I will have a browse in a moment.

DieSse, Thanks for taking thetime to help this old greybeard we have a huge communication tower on a hill in the distance that just might have a suitable service bolted to it.

Thanks everyone Prof.

  pj123 16:51 26 Nov 2007

prof. this is what you said:

"and are at the very tail end of a poor Broadband cable that belongs to BT,"

As far as I know BT does'nt have any cable connections?

And then you say:

"Gandalf Youve helped me in the past I think but there is no cable service out in this part of Wales."

So what are you saying?

  User-324448 17:23 26 Nov 2007

Sorry for the confusion Im a retired electricion and see anything that carries current as "Cable" We are at the end of BTs broad band carrying wires and there are no Cable companys supplying our area, hope this clears it up

  hiwatt 18:05 26 Nov 2007

I'm with NTL now(Virgin media)you don't need a phone line atall with them and when you sign up you get 12 months at £10 per month and then after it's £18 a month.that's for a 2mb connection.Check out their here

  hiwatt 18:08 26 Nov 2007

I didn't read your last post so I don't know if Virgin media would be any good for you.You could always email them and ask them though,Cheers.

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