Can I Avoid Having to Constantly Insert Disks

  WGW 02:29 11 Feb 2003

I've got the Encyclopaedia Britannica on 3 discs. The first disc is the installation disc and the other 2 provide the info. I wondered if it was possible to load everything onto my pc to avoid having to constantly load discs 1 or 2 when using the EB. If so, how is it done?

  jazzypop 02:57 11 Feb 2003

Use a Virtual CD program, such as click here - this will fool the program into thinking that you have an extra CD drive, and that the 2nd disk is in it.

  Tog 07:32 11 Feb 2003

I've been down this path before, it will only work if the programme is clever enough to search for the CDs in a different drive to the one it was installed on. Best to ask the guys that publish the software, their support may have some ideas.

Considering the size of HDDs today, you would think they would give the option to do a full install.

  tbh72 11:56 11 Feb 2003

I have several program's which source information from CD's. I now copy the required files to the HDD and enter the registry (regedit) From here you are able to point the software in the right direction to the files on the HDD.

The Registry is the backbone of the operating system. Mistakes within the registry can render your computer useless, you've been warned.

  Ben Avery (Work) 12:00 11 Feb 2003

I have the enclyclopedia britannica on my PC (although it's a 2 disc version) and it gave me the option to install the data to the HDD when I ran it.


  Ben Avery (Work) 12:04 11 Feb 2003

Encyclopaedia Britannica I think is one of the programs which will only run form the drive it was installed on, so why not add a Virtual CD Drive, like mentioned before. Then Copy the installation CD as a VCD file and install it form the virtual drive in the first place. Then When it asks for the data disks, you can have them copied and on your HDD ready?

  Tog 12:06 11 Feb 2003

But isn't that the same as using the CDs on one drive?

  Tog 12:12 11 Feb 2003


  jazzypop 12:13 11 Feb 2003

If you have 2 physical CD drives (or a CD and DVD player), you can leave both disks in the drives, and Britannica will automatically search both for the disk it requires.

In this case, a Virtual CD will look and act exactly as a physical one, as far as Britannica is concerned.

As Ben Avery says, there is also information available in Help and Support that describes how to install both disks to your HDD.

  The PC Doctor 12:16 11 Feb 2003

Why not copy the CD's onto your HD 1st then run setup from the HD?

In the future if any files are needed then the programs will look towards the installation location (Your HD)

I use this method with Windows, Office and VB.

If you read the Network Installation guide (If there is any) it should tell you how to do it.

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