Can I add dial up Pc to my broad band router?

  slow learner 16:05 12 Nov 2005

I have my new WXP(SP2)Pc and system connected via cable to my Netgear router and broadband connection (I use it for connecting to work and for home use). The router I was advised to buy to enable me to connect to work appears to have a number of free 'ports' still available. Can I connect my old W98 dial up Pc to it (cable or wireless) and have my old W98 running on the same broadband connection? If so what will I need and how do I do it?

  Tim1964 16:52 12 Nov 2005

Does the Win98 PC have an ethernet port? If so, then a 'straight through' CAT 5 cable is all you need to connect it to the router.

Is the router a wireless model? If yes and you want to connect the older PC wirelessly then a wireless adapter card fitted inside the PC or wireless USB adapter if you don't fancy opening it up.

  slow learner 17:23 12 Nov 2005

Not sure what an ethernet port looks like, but if its like the 'big' ones in the router then no. The dial up has a port that is smaller and looks similar to a phone port which I presume is the modem connection for the dial up, but thats about it. The old Pc is a Gateway (W98), about 7 yrs old. The router connected to the new Pc (XP) is a Netgear Cable/DSL Web Safe Router RP614v3. Does this clarify things?

  DieSse 22:12 12 Nov 2005

An ethernet card to plug into a PCI slot in the old PC is very inexpensive and simple to fit. Then you need a similar cable to the one that lonks up your new PC. These cables may be up to 100m long, so you can get one any convenent length.

Your old PC can then run on the same connection, even at the same time, with no problems.

  Strawballs 22:29 12 Nov 2005

An ethernet card is less than a tenner and if you don't have any spare PCI slots for one then all you have to do is swap it for the dial up modem as it will not be needed after you connect to your router.

  slow learner 17:10 13 Nov 2005

Cheers all. Seems simple so I'll give it a go. Can you recommend a good site to pick up the items (ethernet card and 'straight through' CAT 5 cable)? Will set up be just a matter of connecting or will I need to come back to your good selves for further guidance?

  Tim1964 17:19 13 Nov 2005

If you want the items tomorrow, then PC world )obviously not the cheapest) (£10 for the card and £8 for the cable). If you can wait for the post then Ebuyer click here have very good prices, even if the postage cost are a bit pricey.

  slow learner 18:06 19 Nov 2005

Am set up and running, and not too soon either - had a bit of an accident with the new pc (it blew up and had to be returned to base!), so am now using the old pc as set up with your help - Many thanks all.

  slow learner 10:49 14 Jan 2006

Have my old machine set up ok, but now have to find out how to connect two pcs and a note book via the same router.

  slow learner 17:46 15 Jan 2006

And come back if I need to once I have my other pc back and running.

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