Can i access password for Outlook Express

  Kitz E Kat 19:06 13 May 2003

Hi , i need to configure Outlook Express to get mail on another computer,using an existing account, i have all the settings sorted except the password. The password was set by another person, and i dont know what it is, can i find the password in the registry? Or somewhere, i can log on as aministrator. Its on a 2000 computer.
Hope you can help,
Kitz E

  spikeychris 19:29 13 May 2003

Kitz E, the password is encrypted in the reg but there are ways to do it. You can run a dummy program that will take the password from OE when it asks for it. I don't want to post it until the FE sent..


  Valvegrid 19:31 13 May 2003

You may be able to recover the password with the little program from these people. I have used it on the odd occasion on win2000.

Let me know if it works.


  spikeychris 19:33 13 May 2003

if its a revealer be carefull with the post...

  Valvegrid 19:34 13 May 2003

Why? please explain

  spikeychris 19:41 13 May 2003

Like you I have used programs that reveal passwords, the reason why, the networks I run have lots of users and it's sometimes easier to grab the password than reset. There is however unscrupulous uses of these programs.



  Valvegrid 19:47 13 May 2003

OK, I think I understand, but you have only got to type password recovery into Google and get 782000 sites returned. If you are in a large organisation should that be written into their IT policy and procedures?

Regards Paul.

ps Interesting point though.

  spikeychris 19:55 13 May 2003

I remember Paul saying the exact same thing a couple of years ago to the FE. This was concerning a Win2K login password, the post asked for a way to get in as he had forgot his password, the FE's response "we don't post links to sites like that, even though they are readily available on-line". The networks I run are public access with hundreds of paswords...


  Valvegrid 20:07 13 May 2003

Ok Chris, point taken, unfortunatly it doesn't say much in the site policy regarding the above limk. Never mind FE is the site policeman so if he or she dosn't like my link it will soon be removed and a flea in my ear 'ole via email :-)
Nice speaking to you and sorry Kitz E Kat we got off the subject a bit.



  Valvegrid 20:08 13 May 2003

limk = link

  spikeychris 20:11 13 May 2003

Agree, clarification would be good..

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