Can i

  G4V1N 17:14 08 May 2010

can i post things like say if somone was new XP Pro VLK could i post them online

  bremner 17:19 08 May 2010

Can you explain what help you need.

  G4V1N 17:29 08 May 2010

i have lots of genuine keys for Windows XP pro and i dont need them could i give them to people on here as i have no use for them



  DieSse 17:29 08 May 2010

Whatever - you can't post Volume Licence Keys here.

  BT 17:31 08 May 2010

Are you saying that you want to post Volume License Keys.
I would say that you would be in breach of Forum rules if you do.

  G4V1N 17:34 08 May 2010

they are my licence keys so should i sell them on ebay or somthing

  bremner 18:01 08 May 2010

VLK's require Volume Licence Media discs and will not work with OEM or retail discs.

I am not 100% sure but I seem to recall that it may be against MS rules for them to be offered for resale.

  G4V1N 18:10 08 May 2010

ok then i will have to keep them



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