Can "general information" be changed?

  ykzn 05:32 01 Mar 2008

Hi all!

A friend of mine told me that the information in the "general" tab of system properties can be changed. He also told me that only an "oeminfo.ini" file is needed to be created in the windows/system32 folder. But, to my surprise, when I actually tried to do it( just for fun and on my own computer only), it seems to be not working. The CPU & RAM info aren't changed at all. Of course he told me what to write in that oeminfo.ini file, e.g., model=Intel(R) Core(R) 2 Duo, etc.

Now, let me clearly say it again that I just want to know how it is possible to do this and that I am not going to use it on other people's computer or even mine to deceive other people, ok?

All suggestions are welcome! Thanks to all!

  Diodorus Siculus 07:50 01 Mar 2008

Some of the info here can be changed; others can't.

You can, for example, create a custom logo and support information but you cannot change the cpu / RAM information as that is taken from the system itself.

  tullie 08:32 01 Mar 2008

Why would you want,or need to anyway!

  crosstrainer 08:34 01 Mar 2008

OEM's do it to create a custom logo as Diodorus Siculus say's....We do it to distinguish our machines from others....customiseable boot screens are also used, you will often see the likes of Dell, Packard Bell etc. have their own screens on startup.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:19 01 Mar 2008

Open up Windows explorer and navigate to c:\windows\system32 and find the file names "OEMLOGO.bmp" and delete it.
However if you feel smart enough and want to use your own logo you can easily replace it. Any image you use has to be a bitmap image (.bmp) and the maximum dimesions are 180 x 114 pixels.
Also in the same folder c:\windows\system32 you should find a file called "oeminfo.ini" and you can edit the text on the same System Properties > General tab. If the file isn;t there just create it using notepad!

  BurrWalnut 09:28 01 Mar 2008

Two files are used; the picture is named oemlogo.bmp and the text file is oeminfo.ini. The maximum dimensions of the picture are, in pixels, 182 wide by 114 high. It must be a BMP not JPG, etc.

Open notepad and copy the text below into it:
Manufacturer=This computer was stolen from
Model=High Street, BR0 1AB
[Support Information]
Line1=Reverend Green
Line2=with the spanner
Line3=in the conservatory, then line4 etc.

There must be no breaks between the lines and no spaces between the "=" and start of the text. Amend it accordingly and use 'Save as' so that it doesn't become a text file.

If the files currently exist on the computer, it might be prudent to rename them with an extension of old. Once you have created the files, they both need to be stored in:
C:\windows\system32 for Windows XP and 2003 Server
C:\windows\system for Windows 95, 98 and ME
C:\winnt\system32 for Windows 2000

  crosstrainer 09:43 01 Mar 2008

Methinks we could be in for a long day here if everyone starts putting pics of their cats, dogs and auntie Ethel as a logo :)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:47 01 Mar 2008

Think we need to heed rawprawn's tinkerer thread when playing with somethin like this.


  ykzn 09:52 01 Mar 2008

Thanks to all!

  crosstrainer 13:54 01 Mar 2008

Yes, backup pre-tinkering :)

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