Can Ethernets include coaxial systems?

  angus.mac 08:45 08 Mar 2008

Hi. I have just built a house and have laid a cat5 Ethernet and coax wiring for television. Both come back to a central 'hub room'

Do i just run these systems separate - ethernet for PCs and Coax for TVs, or can I do anything clever by combining them?

What hardware would I need?

  Forum Editor 09:13 08 Mar 2008


  dms05 09:14 08 Mar 2008

Ethernet is an 8 wire twisted pair system. In fact only 4 of the 8 wires are used. 2 for data transmission and 2 for handshaking. So you will need a minimum of 4 wires for Ethernet.

The alternative is either Wireless or Homeplug. WiFi uses wireless and HomePlug transmits the data and handshaking over the 240v mains cable.

Coax is just that. 2 wires coaxially paired. It's designed for relatively low voltages and to carry RF signals, mainly from antennas but also between some items like VHS and TV. However it gives minimum quality and people use SCART or HDMI for better results between components.

My guess is trying to mix the two systems would cause interference to both signals.

  angus.mac 11:35 08 Mar 2008

how about running a freeview / analogue signal into a pc via coax - and then distributing it via ethernet so you can watch TV on a pc in another room?

Is this what windows media centre is all about???

  Tech Guy 19:46 08 Mar 2008

Old ethernet used a bus system using coxial cable but todays standard requires Cat5 cabling.

The two can't joined togther to get all signals to run down a single cable type.

When routing cable run the two types in seperate bundles to avoid cross talk.

  setecio 14:39 09 Mar 2008

>>>> However it gives minimum quality and people use SCART or HDMI for better results between components. <<<<

Why can coax be used from a satellite dish to a sky receiver box, surely it is a high quality signal and yet can be run 100ft+ via coax ?

  angus.mac 16:12 09 Mar 2008

So is this correct?

If I use ethernet to pipe broadcast-TV around my house, I can only watch online TV (4OD, BBCi etc)but canmanage it alongside my music library etc as per a normal home network setup.

If I use coax, I can pipe sky around the house but cannot integrate this this with my home net / hard drive etc.

this last is the same for freeview too...

and where does a Windows Media Center fit in this?

  Tech Guy 16:59 09 Mar 2008

Window media centre is rubbish, don't even think if using it!

If you pipe sky around to more than two tv's on one sky box you will end up with a rubbish picture (and you all have to watch same channel) and have problems changing channels, will need a remote extender.

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