Can Dialer Malware work on Broadband?

  joseph k. 22:49 13 Sep 2004

I have just had 'meanpean' dialer captured by AdAware. Surely this cannot do it's dirty business over a broadband connection can it? Or can I expect my second high 'phone bill now that this has happened?

  Eargasm 22:51 13 Sep 2004

Apparantly it can still work if your old dial-up modem is enabled

  Graham ® 22:58 13 Sep 2004

No, it can't work over broadband, but disconnect your modem from the telephome line.

  Graham ® 23:02 13 Sep 2004

That is your dial up modem (telephome = telephone) :-)

  joseph k. 23:17 13 Sep 2004

I didn't think it could. Thanks all.

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