Can DBXtract recover my emails?

  hawthorn59 03:33 17 Jan 2008

I've lost many emails while importing them into OE6, someone recommended DBXtract saying it could recover them. Anyone heard of or used it? Its only $7.


  beeuuem 06:42 17 Jan 2008

DBXtract may help. I have used it and it works.
The free version is available from click here
When you say the mail is 'lost' - do you have the original dbx files?

  Gongoozler 07:00 17 Jan 2008

If you have the dbx file in which the emails were originally stored, dbxtract will enable you to read the emails that are in that file. For this reason, when I used Outlook Express I kept a backup copy of the dbx files. Dbxtract takes the dbx file and decompresses it to give the emails in eml format which is a text version of the email and is readable in Outlook Express. It won't, however, be able to recover a corrupted email. While the latest version of Dbxtract is very good value at $7, the older version is free click here#

  hawthorn59 14:05 17 Jan 2008

Ive written a fairly long post about this elsewhere here so I'll just explain it briefly.

i tried to export my emails from my old laptop (OE) to a new one (Windows Mail) but windows mail was having none of it. So I decided to import them back into the old laptop and continue for the moment.

But when I did, in every main folder where I had sub folders, any sub folders beginning with the letters A to F were empty! I kid you not! Everything from G on is fine. And when I look at them in the backup store folder, all the A to Fs are just 11kb in size. So does this mean they're actually empty or just not being displayed? Maybe theres no point in getting DBXtract.



  Gongoozler 18:38 17 Jan 2008

Put a copy of every dbx file you can find in either laptop into a new folder. If this results in several files of the same name, you will either have to rename one or more, or you will need subfolders. Now run Dbxtract for each file. With any luck it will find a valid version of your A to F subfolders. If your only copies of the A to F subfolders are only 11k, then I must admit that it doesn't look good. Do you have any backups from your old laptop - that could be your only hope.

  hawthorn59 01:40 18 Jan 2008

The only backups are from October. I tried importing 1 folder from that and its fine. I guess I'll just have to make do with that. Really puzzled as to how A to F became corrupt.


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