can cpu's be too cold?

  [email protected] 23:01 20 Mar 2007

hello again, im trying my forth cpu cooler now, as you may have read, in search for a quiet one more than anything, its a akasa evo 120, i fitted it this morning after the arctic pro i fitted yesterday parted company from the mobo overnight together with many peices of my retention thingy.
i have it turned down to absolute minimum and my idle is 14/15 c and under full loadi cant get it past 39, i asked amd if the temps with theyre stock cpu cooler, idle 40 ish under load i hit 71c once, they e mailed my back saying 'optimum' temp 55,79c, they didnt say loaded or not so i assumed this to be the max, pc seems the same performance wise.
is it too cool now, i have searched the web and cant find anyone running anywhere near as cool as mine is? i have checked temps in bios, siw, pc wizard and speed fan and they all tally up give or take 1 degrees.

  phono 23:10 20 Mar 2007

I would say that the cooler you can run your CPU the better, there may possibly be a very slight decrease in performance running it "too cool" but if there is I doubt you would hardly notice any difference.

  Ashrich 23:14 20 Mar 2007

I don't think that electrical devices can ever be too cool , although I have never heard of a processor THAT cool , although your processor ( 5200x2 ? ) is on the new smaller die , 65nm I think , and that is supposed to produce lower temps anyway .


  [email protected] 23:20 20 Mar 2007

well the thing is i cant see anyway to get ir warmer, i put the manuall control in and its on min, bios is set fan monitor disabled, fan control on, acceleration 48c full fan 67c.
but obviously its not getting near there, and if im sitting like now, with just firefox on i keep getting a soft clunk and all noise from the pc stops, which is scary because it never happened with the stock hsf, i cant decide wether its a hard drive going to sleep of all the fans cutting off? after a minute or when i move the mouse the usual purring noise comes back, i wonder if this is amd's cool and quiet? thing is with their cooler it would never happen!!
old chip 64 3500
new 64 5200 x2

  [email protected] 23:24 20 Mar 2007

thats what concerns me all over the amd forums there are threads like: 5200 running at 65c help.
idle has gone from
stock 42c
asus 29c (i think)
arctic pro 21c
and now this, i mean its a massive cooler and the fan bit seems miles away from the cpu (its pressed against the panel!
this turning off thing concerns me too

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