Can Copy/Cut but Can't Paste

  The Nomad 17:28 21 Jan 2004

Hi all

A mate of mine done a major upgrade last week (new mobo,CPU & Hdd)
after installing w2k onto the new hdd he got the MSBlast Virus we think or a variant of it.
Anyway after using a load of tools to get rid of it and the same tools saying that the system is now clear he was still having certain problems, one of which was that he could not paste anything.

So he decided to re-format the C: partition on the hdd and reinstall.
Now befor he went online he installed the MS patch to plug the whole where Blaster gets in and also installed SP4 that he had downloaded and saved to CD.

All is perfect now running like a dream, but he still can not paste anything.
Ok sorry he can paste text into note pad, but that is it, Explore, Word, Netscape, Internet Explorer & so on wont paste (files, folders or text), all methods he has tried to use, the keyboard shortcuts, the right click method and the edit menu method and on all these "Paste" is greyed out.

It is a stand alone machine with a DSL connection from the onboard LAN to the DSL Modem and he disconected the lan cable before he formated & re-installed, so there was no connection to the net.

when he formatted the hdd he only formatted the C: partition, could the MSBlast virus be sitting on another partition, i thought that it only goes in the "winnt\system32" folder and runs as a service or something, but being lucky enough to never of had this virus i don't know too much about it. But all the AV tools he has used say that he is clean.

So any idea's ???


  Jester2K 17:52 21 Jan 2004

click here


Windows 2000 users won't see the timer. However, they might see other effects from the RPC exploit. Such as:

1. Problems when creating email messages at least in Outlook and Outlook Express
2. Visual problems with Control panel
3. Add/Remove Programs does not work
4. Drag & Drop function does not work
5. Copy / Paste function does not work
6. some executables don't work
7. Problems with javascript
8. Some programs won't Save at all

I can't find a fix for it though. It might be worth formatting and reinstalling Win2K but installing the patch before going on the net (or at least installing a firewall)

  JGG 18:00 21 Jan 2004


I have the same problem and have not cured it as such. I do have a workaround that works for me at least.

If you cut and paste as normal then open Word and try to paste it, it does not give the option to do so... if you leave Word open and re-cut and copy then try pasting it works..

I don' know why but would also welcome suggestions to cure the problem!


  The Nomad 23:01 21 Jan 2004


Reading all the stuff on another forum click here, it would seem that he deffenatly still has the msblast virus or a variant of it.
It is a long read but gives all the symptoms people are having and all the possible fixes.



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