Can Cd rw's do the same as cd r's

  futurekid 22:36 24 Jul 2006

I am just wondering, if i was to buy cd rw disks would i be able to make music cds and still be able to play them in the car and if i was to make a linux ubuntu live and install cd would they still work when the computer was booted. And then would i have the option to blank them and use for something else. Now Can all of the above work on cd rw disks or would i have to stay with ordinary cd r's in order for it all to work.

Many thanks

Ben Greenslade.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:42 24 Jul 2006

Many regular CD capable machines accept CD-Rs but not RWs.

As CD-Rs come in at less than 10p each nowadays, I'd not be bothered with CD-RWs.

  Simsy 22:47 24 Jul 2006

you may record onto a CDRW the same content as if it were a CDR, in practise, many audio CD players, (including car CD units), wont read CDRW discs.

The reason for this is that the technology that is used to make the discs rewritable has an unwanted side effect; they tend to be less reflective. As a result Audio CD players can't distinguish between the digital 1s and 0s.

(More recent audio CD players ARE able to read CDRW discs)

With regard to making a "live" linux CD I don't see any reason why this shouldn't work. I'm open to correction however!

Good Luck,



  Diodorus Siculus 22:47 24 Jul 2006

[quote]hi,so are u saying that cd rw will not work as i want them 2. and that cd r are better and they are going to work. Its just that i use a lot of cds and mum doesnt like it so i was wondering maybe if i go cd rw's i would only use the same ones saving money.Thanks[/quote]

No harm in trying the CD-RWs then but they are not as reliable and cost much more than CD-Rs.

IF you bulk buy CD-r, you can get 100 for about £10 on

  Ray5776 23:04 24 Jul 2006

Use CD-Rs, much more reliable and cost pennies.
I have tried this and wont use CD-RWs again not worth the time and trouble, they may well work in the writer that you used to burn them but try to play them in another player and your chances of it working
are not too good, you may be lucky but why bother when you can use a CD-R which will almost certainly work.


  Stuartli 00:30 25 Jul 2006

CD-Rs, as already pointed out, have a far superior reflective surface and are thus easier to read than a CD-RW disk.

To gain the maximum advantage from a CD-R, write to it in multisession mode and you can add to it until it is full (just Finalise the disk before the final burning).

It's also worth keeping an accurate record of what is on the CD-R if you backup programs and utilities to it; also ensure that you Save each session otherwise you will lose the ability to use multisession mode.

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