can cd rom drive play dvds

  frazzle123 09:06 12 Aug 2005

please tell me can I get anything to enable dvds to be played using a cd rom drive I am using a new pc running xp home, thanks.

  mattyc_92 10:06 12 Aug 2005

No you can't. You will need to buy a DVD-ROM or DVD-RW to play DVDs

  mattyc_92 10:10 12 Aug 2005

Forgot to say that you can buy External DVD drives which just need a spare USB port, so you don't need to take the computer to pieces.

But these are usually more expensive

  Pooke 11:09 12 Aug 2005

"so you don't need to take the computer to pieces."

Instaling a dvd rom drive is hardly taking the computer to pieces, is it? It's a simple case of taking off the side/s, pulling out the cablesfrom the drive, then release the drive and push in the new drive and slot the cables back in.

Use the collect at store and you can buy it for £17.98 click here

That's about it.

Erm, where did you buy the computer? You might invalidate your warranty if you do this upgrade. Otherwise an external is your only option.


Oh yeah, Use the collect at store and you can buy it for £17.98

  The Old Mod 11:11 12 Aug 2005

Definitly not, but it's easy to fit a dvd rom, or better still a dvd writer, they are very cheap now about £30.00, compared to a couple of years ago £200+

  Pooke 11:11 12 Aug 2005

I must be suffering memory loss, I seem to be repeating myself. I say I seem to be repeating myself...


  mattyc_92 11:56 12 Aug 2005


I know that installing a DVD drive isn't really taking your computer to peieces, but it is quicker typing that than "taking the Chasis's Side Panels off" isn't it.

  frazzle123 22:09 12 Aug 2005

Thanks all who replied , very helpful a friend of mine suggested the dvd writer also as they play all media, is that correct ?

  Pooke 22:24 12 Aug 2005


The last issue of PCA had a review of dvd rewriters, the number one model was LG GSA-4613B. I bought one of these and I am very impressed with performance.


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