Can browse by ip but not url

  cas5090 18:19 22 Feb 2009

Hi, I am asking advice for my friend who has a Dell laptop that will not allow her to browse the internet.

She uses XP and a wired modum.

Her isp is Sky and after several extremely long phone calls with their technical help we have established that the router is definitely connecting to the internet but her laptop is suddenly unable to convert the numbered ip addresses to a url.

If she types into her internet explorer address bar she connects to google but cannot connect to anywhere if she types the url in.

Sky said she should contact microsoft, microsoft say she should contact Dell and Dell are not interested as the laptop is out of warranty.

Can anyone advise me as to how we might be able to sort this problem?

Thanks in advance.

  brundle 18:47 22 Feb 2009

DNS problem, try using OpenDNS; click here

  cas5090 19:32 22 Feb 2009

Thanks brundle, I will get the laptop round here tomorrow and try.

  cas5090 17:29 25 Feb 2009

Ok, I dont understand the OpenDNS link.

I am currently on my own laptop. The broken one is beside me but cannot connect to my network so cannot go on the internet - thats the whole problem.

But the Open DNS link seems to require an internet connection?

Apologies if I am being dense, is there anyone can advise me on what to do next?


  brundle 17:55 25 Feb 2009

Your computer has incorrect DNS server information - DNS servers are like the phonebook for internet sites. Your browser gives it a site name, the server replies with the IP address. If you can connect to the internet and open sites with their IP address, the only thing missing is correct DNS info. Put the numbers in the places shown in the guide (you don't need to be using the PC that has the DNS problem to look up the page).

  Sea Urchin 17:55 25 Feb 2009

You need an Internet connection to go to brundle's link - which you presumably have on your own PC. But on the "broken" laptop you go into Control Panel and follow the instructions. That doesn't need an Internet connection.

  cas5090 17:57 25 Feb 2009

ok, I think I understand now, giving it a try, will report back thanks.

  cas5090 18:28 25 Feb 2009

Still no joy. I followed the instructions, double checked, rebooted but still got the same result - there is a connection to the internet but the alaptop will not connect to any websites, it still comes up "Internet Explorer cannot display the website"

I clicked on the "diagnose connection problems" and all the pinging is working but it says its a DNS failure (its a very long report)


  brundle 20:35 25 Feb 2009

Go to start menu/run, type SERVICES.MSC then press return, ensure the DNS Client service is started and set to Automatic.

  cas5090 20:55 25 Feb 2009

ok thanks. They've taken the laptop back now until Friday so i will try that then, cheers.

  cas5090 15:19 27 Feb 2009

I checked and the DNS Client service is definitely started and set to Automatic.

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