Can anyone tell me what these are

  golfpro 09:07 16 Aug 2006

I have just run an AVG virus scan because today I was getting interference (every fifteen minuets or so) from somewhere on my PC which was causing sound problems on my PC, as if something was trying to connect.
The results of the scan showed no virus, but on the log two things puzzled me C:\Windows\System32\Kernel 32 dll and Shell 32 dll showed that they had been changed.
What are these and why would they have been changed.
The only things I have been doing lately is trying to get a synchronization between my Mobile and Outlook with no success but that was three days ago.
If they need to be changed back how do you do this?

  golfpro 09:26 16 Aug 2006

Two things I forgot to mention, my system is XP Home.
Also when the interference starts, if I move the mouse it stops?????

  brundle 09:27 16 Aug 2006

those files are frequently changed by official microsoft patches/updates

  ^wave^ 09:50 16 Aug 2006

try also the stinger if you are worried

  dms05 09:50 16 Aug 2006

Your Firewall should ask you to approve these new versions of standard XP components when they are changed (by perhaps MS Updates, but it could be other less attractive options trying to vary XP).

  Coff 11:11 16 Aug 2006

Those files were definitely changed by the last set of windows updates.

  golfpro 11:12 16 Aug 2006

If these have been changed by installing the MS updates (I have posted here before reference the sound problem, but no one came up with an answer), would changing the computer back to a previous date (before the updates were installed), resolve the situation I seem to remember the last big update was about three or four weeks ago.
The big problem is these troubles are intermittent and I can't put my finger on what is causing it.
To try and clarify what is happening: When for instance I am listening to the radio on Real Player say and then load another program Mailwasher, I/E or anything, I will get this interference on the sound until the program has loaded, then its OK. There is a red light under the start button which glows when a program is being loaded. This is what is happening now, I get the light and the interference, but with no program being loaded by me, and when I move the mouse slightly it stops.
Figure that one out.

  Sethhaniel 11:26 16 Aug 2006

at various times - word may make a back up every ten minutes (or user defined time) if you have some Backup feature installed it may be using the quiet time to run its chores - check your task manager - other thing is a screen saver trying to kick-in - or 'power' standby features ie screen inactivity etc - right click Desktop select Properties - screensaver - Power - power schemes ?

  skeletal 11:49 16 Aug 2006

This sort of thing can be very hard to pin down. Do you mean the sound comes out of the speakers, or is there a buzz from the computer tower?

Some thoughts:
When programs run in the background they can access the hard drive. You may be hearing this, mechanically, or if part of its electronics has failed, it may cause sound interference from the speakers. Touching the mouse often stops a background program, thus the HD, thus the noise.

The mouse itself generates pulses, although from your description, this would give the reverse problem i.e. you get noise as you move the mouse. However, if it is Bluetooth, perhaps the system “calls” to it every so often; if it is a bit dodgy you may get interference (not sure about how the Bluetooth system works, but just an idea).

You mention a mobile phone: every so often I get quite a racket from the speakers due to my mobile, even when there are no calls. This will happen if you have a mobile phone near your computer.


  brundle 11:50 16 Aug 2006

the two problems are unrelated
run filemon to see what program(s) access the hard-drive when the machine is not doing much
windows indexing, google or msn desktop search, avast anti-virus recovery database amongst some apps that do their job when the pc is idle click here

  golfpro 11:56 16 Aug 2006


I agree, but I have checked the things you say, but this goes on for over two minuets if I just leave it, and why would it stop when I move the mouse (I discovered that by accident).
Also if this is a bi-product from Widows updates, why hasn't anyone else reported the problems. Surely I'm not the only one that downloaded them.

And now here is another thing, the bloody problem has stopped, I haven't done anything, its just stopped, well for the time being anyway.
Computers, I dispare, I really dispare.

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