Can anyone suggest a good graphics design package?

  ade.h 14:43 04 Jan 2006

Could those of you who are used to designing your own web graphics recommend a suitable software application please? The budget is tight; strictly double figures only!

I don't require anything for photo-editing, at least not at this stage, but I have an immediate need for something that will allow me to relatively easily create my own graphic elements. Until now, I have been able to rely largely on pre-designed styles.

Many thanks for your suggestions.

  PurplePenny 21:09 04 Jan 2006

Do you want something that will offer you pre-made buttons, logos etc. that you then add text to? Or do you want something that allows you to create the graphics from scratch?

Take a look at Xara Webstyle and other Xara graphics products:
click here

  ade.h 21:13 04 Jan 2006

Hi PP. No, I'm happy with all the styles that I already have (NOF) but I need to create my own for this project. It's quite specific and isn't covered by styles and templates. So yes, it's for graphic elements from scratch.

  ade.h 21:21 04 Jan 2006

Okay, I've downloaded a trial of Xara Extreme. I'll see if that meets my needs.

Do Corel or Adobe have software that would meet my needs? As far as I can tell, they seem to be more about photo-editing, but if they cover both tasks well, that would be great.

  De Marcus™ 21:52 04 Jan 2006

Have a look through click here

  ade.h 22:02 04 Jan 2006

Thanks De M. I'll have a read of that soon when I've got more time.

I'll leave this thread open for a bit longer.

  Taran 22:23 04 Jan 2006

Corel (previously JASC) Paint Shop Pro and Adobe Photoshop Elements are both excellent. They offer everything from organising your digital image collection to editing them and creating images from scratch.

Ulead PhotoImpact click here is one I'd heavily recommend. I've not played with the latest release (version 11) but all previous versions have been packed to the gills with really nice features. Unlike Photoshop Elements or Paint Shop Pro, Ulead has a series of dedicated built in web oriented tools to generate online photo albums, entire web pages and sites, buttons and banners and other things.

Web tools are sometimes included almost as an after thought - not so with Ulead though, and it comes at an excellent price.

  ade.h 23:05 04 Jan 2006

Thanks Taran.

Ulead looks good and is roughly the same price as Xara Extreme. I think I'll have to run trials of both and pick one.

  Forum Editor 23:11 04 Jan 2006

Ulead PhotoImpact is the one - at $49 it's a steal.

  ade.h 23:19 04 Jan 2006

Thanks. I've just downloaded a trial and I will post an update here soon for the benefit of others.

With both Taran and the good Editor backing Ulead, I suspect that it might win out.

  ade.h 16:49 14 Jan 2006

I couldn't complete the download of the Ulead trial, so I was unable to compare it to the Xara trial.

However, given its glowing recommendations by both Taran and the FE, I decided to buy a full copy, which arrived from Amazon this week.

It has a manual that could prop up a bookcase, which I think usually indicates a really fully-featured product. I'm still scratching the surface, but it already looks like a great piece of software and amazing value.

So if anyone else has the same question and reads this thread; save yourself time and get Ulead PhotoImpact!

Thanks all.

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