Can anyone recommend a browser add-on for automated full screen, on and off using only a mouse?

  theDarkness 15:47 12 Aug 2012

I would be surprised if no browser has it-the improved equivalent of pressing F11 for full screen within a browser, to hide and re-show all toolbars and bookmark menus automatically on and off as I move to the top or bottom of the screen, via mouse movement only?

The closest I can find is the fullerscreen add-on for firefox (last link for updated unofficial version). Aside from having to activate it by clicking on its icon at the bottom right of the screen, moving to the top of the screen does not re-show the bookmarks menu or bookmarks toolbar shortcuts. Only the address bar and browser tabs show (this also happens with F11), and moving to the bottom of the screen does not re-show the add-on bar either in firefox (not as important).

Does anyone know of a similar, improved add-on for any browser, that will automatically switch to full screen mode as I move away from the top or bottom of the screen, and re-show the bookmarks menu and absolutely all toolbars, as I move back? Thanks

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