Can anyone recommend any Laptop trays?

  buel 23:36 20 Aug 2009

Hi, can anyone recommend any 'trays' for laptops that enable a good flow of air through please? My gf's laptop's fan is on 90% of the time, the fan outlet is on the bottom of her Hp pavilion pv4 and it gets very hot when on the table but when we use a simple folded magazine under the middle of it it then helps as the fan isn't on as much!
Thank you.

  mooly 08:03 21 Aug 2009

I thought it would be you :)
Have you checked what's running, the more work the PC and also graphics card does the hotter it will run. Is it like that just browsing the web say, or are you running tasks, games ? etc
Have you considered a laptop cooler, a little "tray" it stands on with inbuilt fans. These plug into USB port for power.
If it's Vista make sure you are running the "balanced" power plan, not "High performance".

  buel 14:11 21 Aug 2009

Ooh good advice mooly, thank you! Firstly i have never heard of a laptop cooler, they sound great!! It is my gf's Hp laptop and she only browses to be honest, however, she does have Vista, may i ask how to run the balanced power plan please? regarding the Hp pavilion, apparently this fan problem is quite common with them! How annoying!

  mooly 18:11 21 Aug 2009

Hover your cursor over the power/battery icon in the system tray and it should say what plan is running. Left click the icon and 3 hoices should be present.
Before you try altering (customizing) any try "power saver" and although things will seem slow see if it make a lot of difference.
Also click the start orb, select help and support from the menu R/H menu and type "power plans"... all you need to know is there.
Laptop cooler,
click here
you can get them cheaper than this... fairs etc

  anchor 08:48 22 Aug 2009

I have used something similar to these for years, including travelling abroad when the ambient temperature is over 30 degrees. Very good.

click here

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