can anyone recommend any cd-rw

  ronalddonald 00:55 19 Mar 2008

Ive got some old cd-rw going back several years i htink bought from Argos. Anyway the problem is when i try to burn a cd it copies the microsoft media player rips but when i try to burn it says the tracks cant fit. My guess is that the cd-rw are out of date becasue their prety old, im using windos xp home on a toshiba laptop.

  MCE2K5 01:29 19 Mar 2008

My guess is, You have to Erase them First.

  rdave13 01:42 19 Mar 2008

Same as MCE2K5, erase the discs. Discs are so cheap today that I won't entertain re-writable ones anymore. RW-discs are not reliable enough for me as I've lost a few 'home vids' through using this mode of recording. 'Burn once' discs much more reliable I think.

  Diemmess 11:47 19 Mar 2008

The production quality of the blanks is very important in terms of life expectancy.

Many reviews are now oldish, but worth a look.
click here
I have suffered one batch long ago which lasted all of about a year!

Other test and review articles (about 5 yrs ago) named a Far Eastern source whose product sometimes wouldn't even play back after burning.

It seems good advice not to burn at maximum speed unless you are sure of a quality product.

From past browsing Taiyo Uden seem to be the best manufacturer but not easy to be sure which big name is using that manufacturer.

  Totally-braindead 19:58 19 Mar 2008

I don't use RW disks at all as they are too unreliable. Better to use the R equivalents in my opinion. A rewritable disk can fail very easily a few weeks/months after burning. The R disks can do the same but theres a much less chance as they are more stable.

  SB23 21:44 19 Mar 2008

I agree with Totally-braindead.

I've not used CD-RW since 2005. While my photo copies were only a few months old, I had to reformat my HD, the CD-RW's that I had used to store nearly 350 photo's on could not be read. I lost the lot!

For everyday stuff, I now use various sizes of usb memory sticks, and for the more serious type of backup, I use DVD.

Hopefully I won't get caught out again.


  Diemmess 08:52 20 Mar 2008

Sorry, I did not make it clear.
I was writing about the burn once type of CD, not any RW.
Durability of the recording depends on the manufacturer of the blank disk (CD or DVD) than the price, though the worst brands are usually at the cheapest end of the scale.

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