Can anyone here recomend Ebuyer ? or bad words ?

  Giggle n' Bits 22:35 22 Apr 2004

Just been given some links from a now closed post, and ebuyer was a place for some parts, searched back forum ans there has been some niggles that there customer support is a bit yuk.

does anyone here have any good words recomendations for Ebuyer ?

  byfordr 22:40 22 Apr 2004

They are cheap for most or two people have problems with returns. I haven't had too much trouble with them. A faulty sim card reader, money refunded. Incorrectly spec'd cable. Got to keep the cable, free delivery next time...wouldn't hesitate to use them.


  fullywired23 22:46 22 Apr 2004

I have used E-buyer several times without problems.They only time I had to return a faulty product I got my money back and postage both ways. I would certainly use them again


  howard60 23:04 22 Apr 2004

had to wait almost 3 weeks from informing them of damaged delivery until refund or replacement offered. Far too long I even offered to pay for another one if they would refund for the first one but they were not interested. I have not used them since.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:19 22 Apr 2004

Will give them a try.

  ton 00:48 23 Apr 2004

Used them several times with no problems, but I haven't had to return anything yet.

  computernerdiamnot 01:30 23 Apr 2004

used them as well no probs but as Ton i have not had to return anything, from posts on this forum most the cmplaints seem to be about refunds and returning faulty products. As they say what is one mans cup of tea is another mans poisin

  Dumble452 07:26 23 Apr 2004

Bought an OEM DVDRW from them and much to my surprise it included screws,leads,software and owner's manual. Perhaps I was just lucky. They also delivered when they said they would.

  Richard 08:15 23 Apr 2004

I use Ebuyer quite regularily and have only had one problem a modem did not work when installed. Got a new one in the post within two days and they refunded postage both ways.

Happy with that service. They are also quite cheap in some cases.

  rickf 08:28 23 Apr 2004

They are good when things go smoothly in common with most e retailers. Customer service is a bit wanting.

  Gongoozler 08:30 23 Apr 2004

Hi Yettie. Any supplier will have some niggles, and the lower the prices the less money will be available for customer support. In the case of Ebuyer, it is very difficult to communicate with them other than by what they call Enotes, and the response can be slow. However if goods are faulty or incorrectly supplied, they respond very quickly to RMA (returned merchandise authorisation) requests. What they will not do is to elaborate on the equipment description on the website, so, for example, if you ask them what software is supplied with a cd-rw drive, they will not tell you. I use Ebuyer regularly (and have done for about 3 years) because the prices are good, the selection of components excellent, and the service as good as any for a web supplier of their type.

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