can anyone help on sound cards ..PLEASE

  hezza1 13:07 13 Jan 2003
  hezza1 13:07 13 Jan 2003

i am trying to find out if AC97 on board sound is dolby 5.1 digital. i bought a multivision pc which was supposed to come with dlby 5.1 sound but it only has ac97. now multivision are saying that ac97 is dolby......

  AndySD 13:13 13 Jan 2003

What is the motherboard...if you dont have the manual then click here and download Belarc Advisor its a small free program that will tell you.

  hezza1 13:20 13 Jan 2003

motherboard is MSI KT 4 V_L

  AndySD 13:38 13 Jan 2003

click here so yes it is.

  hezza1 13:42 13 Jan 2003

Many thanks andy.

  maby66 15:56 13 Jan 2003

just a thought - won't you need the multiple speaker out connections for front, rear and center speakers?

Apologies if you already know/have checked that....

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