Can anyone help?

  Les T 15:38 16 Mar 2007

Last night i ran an AVG virus scan and it flagged up the following:- C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntoskrnl.exe. It said it has been changed; is it anyhting to worry about and if it is how do i fix it?
It was not flagged as a virus.

Thanks in advance.

  Jackcoms 15:46 16 Mar 2007

"It said it has been changed; is it anyhting to worry about"

Have you noticed the PC acting differently/strangely?

If not, don't worry about it.

Oh, and in future, please use a thread title which actually describes your problem. That way members will know if they have the knowledge to help you. "Can anyone help?" is no good to any of us.

  brundle 15:52 16 Mar 2007
  Les T 18:14 16 Mar 2007

I'll mind my "p's" and "q's" in future, very sorry if i've rattled your cage.

  Meshuga 18:24 16 Mar 2007

Les T, I suggest that, before you make such comments to members, you take the trouble to read the forum rules where you will find it clearly asks for a desciptive title to your threads for the very reason that Jackoms mentioned.

  Jackcoms 18:24 16 Mar 2007

You haven't rattled my cage at all.

However, if you'd bothered to read the Forum rules click here and looked under 'Thread' on page 2 you would have seen a full explanation of why you should give your thread a useful title.

  p;3 18:44 16 Mar 2007

none of which 'telling off' achieves anything and
no one has yet suggested you try running
click here

click here


click here

see what each of those comes up with

BUT for future reference a title such as 'I might be be infected' could help

  birdface 18:44 16 Mar 2007

click here=. Follow the instuctions on the bottom part to stop it showing everytime you run a scan.

  Les T 18:53 16 Mar 2007

Thank you all for your useful posts.

  birdface 18:54 16 Mar 2007

Dont worry about it,Just ignore it,To stop it running everytime you do a scan,Open AVG test Center,Click F3 and accept the changes,I had it yesterday and got rid,

  birdface 18:57 16 Mar 2007

Sorry about the click here it took you to the wrong page,Like I said it is nothing to worry about,Just do the F3 thing to stop it appearing.

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