Can anyone explain this to me?

  Kate B 21:25 07 May 2007

I've just spent a frustrating half an hour with my elderly neighbour and her BT Home Hub - which is a nasty plasticky flimsy bit of kit. It refused to accept her WEP key and I've been cursing and swearing, coming back to pick up ethernet cable etc. Got it connected via ethernet but she's elderly and doesn't want cable trailing all over the place for her to trip over.

Anyway, a spot of Googling turned up the instruction to preface the WEP key with a $ - and lo and behold, it worked. Why, though, does it need the $ sign? She's connected also to my router as a backup and doesn't need a $ in front of my WEP key. Is it a stupid BT thing?

  setecio 21:28 07 May 2007

Wouldn't it be better to use WPA as WEP isn't really secure anymore ?

  Kate B 21:36 07 May 2007

Yes, it would, but that's not the point of this thread. Anyway, as far as I can see having been through the configuration pages of that hopeless piece of plastic, there's no option to go for WPA.

I'm more interested in the mystery $ symbol.

  setecio 21:43 07 May 2007

Well it could be so that you ring India on the 0870 number + music menu system + 30 minute hold, and make BT some more dosh.

  setecio 21:51 07 May 2007

Interestingly I found a refernce to the Sony PSP wep requiring a $ symbol in the case of a Mac. Is she using a MAC.

As for no WPA, it might require the firmware upgrade ( before it appears, which is pushed out down broadband with no way of doing it manually, and which can also send the plastic rubbish box into a spasm - if it does reset it by holding in the wireless association button on the back for 20 seconds, then wait until it settles down.

  Kate B 21:54 07 May 2007

Yes, it is a Mac. Hmm, very interesting. I'll have another look at her box tomorrow and see if I can find WPA, which I've been Googling for - I should be able to set that up for her. And yes, she's spent a fortune on calls to India - she's very stressed by it and not very happy. Thanks for the tip about the reset - I think if the box gives her more grief she'll probably just throw the thing out of the window.

  irishrapter 21:57 07 May 2007

Dont know why you need the $ sign !
Never heard of that one before, guess you learn new things every day!

The Homehub does support WPA and WPA2, maybe the wireless card / adapter does not ??

If you can use WPA / WPA2 then use it, WEP is all but broken. It can be cracked in about 5 minutes!


  powerless 00:16 08 May 2007
  powerless 00:23 08 May 2007

^ahem, so one person says.

I must admit I have noticed this on my own Mac when using WPA...The $ does appear even when I know I have not not entered it. It actually appears when you show the hash.

  Kate B 10:18 08 May 2007

That link explains it, thanks, Powerless. But she also has the WPA key to my network as a back-up which doesn't require the $ sign. I guess this is one occasion where Macs are not easier.

  powerless 10:45 08 May 2007

But is that Mac updated?

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