Can Anyone Assist Please

  Lozzy 10:02 23 Feb 2004

An issue has appeared on a friends PC where all the links on the task bar do not work nor do the icons. When I try to get into the registry comes up path invalid, and I know its correct.

Has anyone seen this situation before?? Could it be a virus? I can't run the AV to ascertain as it won't start in any manner error msg says Path Invalid. Evin if I try to re install cd rom Path error msg says invalid.

Will try a full repair of XP Pro but before doing so I was just wondering if it could be a virus but not having an AV working I cannot tell if has or which virus it could be.

Any help would be appreciated..

  Chegs ® 10:07 23 Feb 2004

I rose last week,went to my puter(which had been working fine for my daughter earlier)to find that clicking IE produced over 100 open pages.I tried AVG(suspecting a "nasty")to discover this also refused to load.None of my desktop/prog files shortcuts would work,so I ended up reinstalling XP too.If anyone does know what causes this I would be VERY interested.

  georgemac 10:09 23 Feb 2004

below taken from click here

This problem can occur when you are infected with a virus that seems to be unreported on symantec or any of the other anti-virus resources I've found.

If you can get to task manager, go to the Processes tab, and look for a process called 'SYSU.EXE'. If it's running, kill it.

Now, if your desktop suddenly returns to normal, then yes, you've got this virus. You're not out of the woods yet. There is probably a folder on your machine called 'C:\Program Files\ddm'. Delete that, of course. You'll probably also want to search your registry for the string 'ddm' and kill most of what you find. In particular the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/ddm, and anything under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run and/or RunOnce that refers to 'ddm' or 'sysu.exe'.

other than that try one of the online virus scanners or download the stinger from computer ass. I think which scans for 32 known viruses.

  Chegs ® 10:29 23 Feb 2004

Thanks Georgemac,its not possible for me to try that,as I am now on a complete reinstall of XP and all my progs.I dont understand how I could have collected this virus as I have a firewall,which keeps the MSBLAST virus out,so how this particular nasty gained admitance to my puter...

  georgemac 10:52 23 Feb 2004

I guess that when viruses are "in the wild" ie in circulation before they are picked up by the AV vendors we are all in danger of picking one up, although probably through email not from an HTML page if you have a firewall running.

Do you use a program like mailwasher to delete all dodgy mail on the ISP server before it is downloaded to your PC?

  Paranoid Android 11:02 23 Feb 2004

click here


  Chegs ® 11:09 23 Feb 2004

I dont use my ISP email address very often,it will be a fortnight or more since I last received an OE email.I tend to use my Hotmail addy for everything, which is web based.As I rarely use it,I never get any spam to it(I usually get ""unable to connect to remote server" from ISP addy anyway)so have no need of Mailwasher,etc. ;-)

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