Can anyone advise on remote controls please.

  bumpkin 12:46 09 May 2013

Hi everyone, I have an electric garage door opener and have lost one of the remotes which I want to replace.I have seen lots of devices for just a few pounds that I believe clone the existing one however I am confused by terms like "fixed code" "rolling code". Can anyone help please.

  spuds 13:00 09 May 2013

I found that 'fixed' usually gave a very limited range, were 'rolling' give a far bigger range for code settings.

You might find something here on 'rolling' code devices

  spuds 13:03 09 May 2013
  bumpkin 13:44 09 May 2013

Thanks spuds, that has explained the difference. I now need to know what kind I have. The manual is unclear in that it says any rolling code remote can be used, it does not say that a fixed code can't or what type I have. One of cloning devices I have looked at states that rolling code remotes will not work but it also lists mine as compatible, hence my confusion.

  spuds 13:50 09 May 2013

What I would suggest, if you have a Maplins store local, then make a visit there. I am sure the staff will only be too willing to assist. If you select a replacement, then check the internet for prices before making a purchase.

Maplins might also advice and possibly suggest a product on-line, if you cannot visit somewhere local.

  spuds 13:53 09 May 2013

Forgot to mention, Maplins have a 28 day returns policy if the item doesn't meet your needs, and the item is resalable.

  bumpkin 14:03 09 May 2013

Thanks again, I can find the exact one I need and I was thinking of getting two but as they are £32 each I am looking at other options being Mr Cheapskate.

  spuds 14:17 09 May 2013

Personally I would still try the Maplins option, because I would think that a 'universal' programmable unit would do the job at a far cheaper price.

If the existing unit is 433mhz (which quite a number are), then perhaps look on eBay for item 261106795982 at £3.79 delivered?.

  bumpkin 14:33 09 May 2013

Yes it is 433.92MHz I had just bought one on Ebay before your posting and paid a staggering £4.19:-) Worth a try I thought.

  spuds 15:44 09 May 2013

bumpkin - If you look up the reference number on eBay, you will find a short video on how to set the device up, assuming that the one you have purchased is on the same principle.

Like yourself, I am also a Cheapskate when it comes to looking for bargains, yet some people seem to frown on this practise, just not upmanship I suppose :O)

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