Can anybody recommend a usb hard drive?

  andy625 10:57 21 Feb 2006

I am planning to create some network storage on my wireless home network by using a Linksys NSLU2 Network Storage Link, and attaching my existing usb hard drive so that it can be shared by all the pc's in our house.

I would like to add an additional usb drive so that I can mirror the drives. Having done a quick search on the Novatech site I see there are HUNDREDS of different usb hard drives available. Can anyone recommend a particular model?

My existing usb hard drive is one I made from a normal hard drive and a maplins usb kit. This works well except I had trouble formatting the new drive when I originally put it together, and the requirement for a seperate mains lead is a pain. Are any on the new drives able to get their power from the usb connector, or do they all need a seperate mains lead?

I am looking at spending around £60.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 11:41 21 Feb 2006

Although not USB powered the FREECOM Classic SL can be plugged into your network directly, got software that makes it visible to all comps on the network and comes pre formatted. Bit over your budget though at around £80 delivered for 160Gb. Still you can plug it in your router and chuck it under the bed.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 11:47 21 Feb 2006

Only joking!

  Hertz Van Rentyl 12:02 21 Feb 2006

Something very strange, there now appears to be Classic SL and Classic SL network drive (at vastly greater expense). Mine is an ordinary SL but has the network connection and priced as ordinary SL. Odd!

  andy625 12:06 21 Feb 2006

The Freecom drives look good, the only reason I was going to use usb's and the Linksys adapter was so that I could use my existing usb drive as one of the pair that I want to mirror.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 12:12 21 Feb 2006

Too exprnsive now anyway, cannot believe whats happened.

  Totally-braindead 12:24 21 Feb 2006

I bought an enclosure from Novatech and used an old hard drive much as you did.
I've not much knowledge on external drives and personally think you will struggle to find one that doesn't require an external power supply. But I could well be wrong, see if someone else has one that does not require extra power.
I have to say at the price you mention there is very little choice, buying a hard drive and an enclosure may be the only option.

  john63 15:58 21 Feb 2006

As far as I am aware, all of the usb harddrives above about 4GB need external power.

  EARLR 08:53 22 Feb 2006

I have a targa data box 250 GB. It works fine and is guaranteed for 3 years. Paid around 130 EUR. for it.
has its own PS,
good luck

  Steve- 09:06 22 Feb 2006

PC World do a Hard drive USB Caddy for about £25 click here

or search on their site for Gigapod or the Netgear SC101 will take two Hard drives and give network access including th eoption to mirror.

  spuds 10:00 22 Feb 2006

Would this 300gb unit help click here Item M15H300 at £109.99+ p/p.

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