Can anybody help me!!!!!!!!!!!

  NEOSPHEAR 06:43 06 Jul 2003

Ive been trying to find a ATX 12v converter as my current 300watt psu does not have this connecter and i need this as my mobo has this socket to give the processor more power if needed.
The only place i have seen these for sale is in the states and australia has anybody got any ideas or knows where i could purchase 1 from.
For those who are not sure whta they are or look like click here[category_id]=96
The last resort is to replace my psu with 1 that has this connector on PLEASE SOME1 HELP!!!!!!!!!

  -pops- 06:55 06 Jul 2003

You will get a better respponse if your subject line describes your problem and the link you gave points to something. All I got was "unknown category".

Are you sure you need one of these things? As they appear to be so rare, it makes me think that they aren't in the top classification of "must haves". Why do you think you need one?

I think that NEOSPHEAR is refering to the connector that is found on PSU's to support especially Pentium CPU's, only in his case his PSU does not have this and so he wishes to buy the "Convertor".

However, I agree that if it is an "Option" then it is probably not worth investing in. A new larger capacity PSU would not break the bank (unless you go for Enermax or similar) and have the correct connector fitted as standard.

  -pops- 07:21 06 Jul 2003


Must admit to never heard of them!

In the circumstances I agree that it is unlikely to be worth while. If a CPU/motherboard combination is unable to cope with a standard setup, I would be looking out for a new system.

NEOSPHEAR - are you sure you really want one? Just because your motherboard has a socket it doesn't necessarily mean that there is a requirement to fill it.

(Only trying to save unnecessary expenditure:-))


  NEOSPHEAR 07:36 06 Jul 2003

Perhaps then it's time to invest in another PSU any recomendations? oh! and as for that link if you are still wondering what it is, try this link instead click here

  ardvarc 08:17 06 Jul 2003

What CPU/MoBo are you using. The only experience I have of this is for a Socket A MSI MoBo running a AMD CPU. If this is the case then I would go for at least a 400WATT PSU. You can get them cheaper online but I found my local PC parts/repair shop had 400WATT Q-TECH PSU's at a decent price when you take shipping costs into consideration.

I have just installed the Gigabyte GA7 NNXP mobo (Only been out for about a month and is excellent). This is an AMD mobo but has a "Dual Power" system to provide greater stability for CPU's that are expected out soon. It does also require this connector and you end up with a "Dual Circuit 6 Phase" power supply (The mobo even has a daughter card that provides an extra power circuit).

IMHO go for a decent Enermax PSU of about 400 - 550 watts. Excellent quality, very quiet and has all the connectors you could wish. It is pricey compared to other budget models but you get what you pay for. Also, avoid Maplins - Brought a Q-Tec PSU for a friends system off the net for £25.00 ish and Maplins wanted £79.00 fro the same PSU!!!!

  rickf 08:48 06 Jul 2003

Q-Tech 550w at a very good price of £26 incl of vat and here. Had one for the past 9 months and works very well.

  ardvarc 09:43 06 Jul 2003

I agree about the Enermax. I was stuck for a PSU and the Q-TECH was on hand at under £20. It is rather noisy but will suffice until I place another online order. I thought NEOSPHEAR might have the MSI 'K' series for high end XP+ CPU's and the trimmings as this setup needs the four pin connector.

  ardvarc 10:37 06 Jul 2003

I see in another thread that you have the MSI K7N2-ISLR MoBo, didn't mention your CPU. If this is the one you are asking about then I think as Smiffy99 points out, a much bigger PSU will be required.

  NEOSPHEAR 06:28 07 Jul 2003

thanx guys for your info i am definatley going for the new psu option, as with anything your new to it can sometimes be a headache trying to find out what is going to suit yours needs best but you have definatley given me something to go on once again thanx people.

As for my cpu "ardvarc" i have a XP2500+ BARTON along with 2x512 crucial DDR400

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