can any1 advise me photo software to make backups

  1973scotty 19:48 31 Mar 2004

hi i have nero version 5.9 running on win 98 se. i am having problems making copies of the photos to store on to a cdrom. when i go to make a copy on nero it sets up the menu burns to disk, but when i go to open it it come up drive not ready. is it my cd/burner but when i burn using other software it works. can any one please tell me a software programme that allows me to burn images.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:21 31 Mar 2004

Try creating a folder on your hdd wherein you can store the relevant images. Then burn that folder to the CD; that should do it for you. IF not, create a zip archive of the folder and burn that one to CD.

  woodchip 22:25 31 Mar 2004

Try removing NERO and then reinstall, do not forget after you remove from Add Remove in Control Panel to go into Explorer and delete the AHEAD folder in Program Files before you reinstall

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