can any one tell me what bottomless pit all my sky

  Bruz 11:33 07 Nov 2007

The NEW email system at sky. don't worry everything will be fine!!!
I had four email addresses now I have only one that will receive mail. When I send mail it all finishes up in the sky trash bin!!
I set up the three email addresses again and you have to verify them. Hence the bottomless pit.
They must be on the fourth orbit of the planet by now.
Can any one help.

  daxian 12:03 07 Nov 2007

hi bruz....
if you had a working email with sky they will have sent you an email (hehe)telling you exactly how to amend you settings retrieve you email ....Dave.

  Bruz 12:23 07 Nov 2007

Thanks Daxian
They sent about a dozen such emails and I did what they said I was to do. Sadly there is no such instructions for setting up your other emails. So I deleted them and set them up again!!
When set up they have to be verified so they send an EMAIL to those email addresses? These are the ones in orbit round the planet and until you can get them back down to earth you cannot use those addresses as you need the authorisation code that was sent. Even the email address that is recieving mail correctly is sending all my outgoing mail to Googles trash bin.
THey said nothing will change, just a few alterations? Bruz

  chrisjohn 12:59 07 Nov 2007
  chrisjohn 13:00 07 Nov 2007
  Bruz 13:38 07 Nov 2007

Done all of those pages and still nothing has changed. I can now send emails from sky to my incredimail account?
But not from my incredimail account it says I have no enabled the POP but I have for ALL MAIL.
Thanks for your input.
Cheers BRUZ

  chrisjohn 13:53 07 Nov 2007

check the sky link i sent you and post ur fault on their usualy a quick responce.

  Bruz 09:32 13 Nov 2007

I have read dozens of web pages and followed dozens of instructions and still no extra email's.
One person stated that when you set up a new email address Google will send verification to that email account that you have set up?

There are now millions of verification email's also in orbit round the earth but none have landed in my inbox. I rang sky on the rip off 0870 number and after a long wait I got cut off!!
Virgin is starting to look very good to me now.

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