can any one recomend a good antivirus

  ozzy 123 23:38 03 Mar 2005

hi im running on windows xp home.
i have just installed a net 2 plug network system but it wont run when my panda platinum antivirus is on my system. ive had to completely uninstall it to allow the network to run.
ive tried disableing the fire wall but that doesnt work.can any body reccomend an antivirus and fire wall that wont conflict with net 2 plug.
many nthanks ozzy...

  Hairy Yeti 00:02 04 Mar 2005

Not sure if this relevant but I have recently seen some problems with Panda Internet Security on brand new kit. 2 possible solutions.

1 - Try stopping the XP wireless util and using the software provided with the net 2 plug h/ware.

2 - Find and rename "netflt.sys" this will stop the Panda unknown threats service (this is Panda's solution).

Solution 1 worked with Fujitsu Siemens PC's but not with Acers. Solution 2 (only tried with the Acers) worked for a few reboots but then failed.

nb The wireless hardware was D-link.

  tomcats 01:49 04 Mar 2005

click here

Try these and download the AVG antivirus its free and you get regular updates for free too

  wogglie dogglie 09:24 04 Mar 2005

don't be a cheapscate buy a good one Avast isn't too bad If you realy want to avoid some realy horrendous problems don't rey on something free

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 10:51 04 Mar 2005

Grisoft's AVG is perfectly sufficient- you do not need to buy AV software.

If you have a good firewall and protect yourself from spyware you should be fine with AVG.

  yattonharry 10:58 04 Mar 2005

I highly recommend AVG Free edition. Have used it for years after being recommended by a chap in Computer Dept., of one of the two leading universities. Runs on 98 and XP very well.
Have free Sygate too.

  Belatucadrus 12:07 04 Mar 2005

Both avast! and AVG offer free versions for non profit home use ONLY. All commercial users have to buy the pro licenses of these perfectly viable commercial packages, that's where they get the money from. These are not provided by groups of gifted amateurs and the products are as good as or better than many you would pay for.

  Dumble452 12:18 04 Mar 2005

I'm very happy with this.

click here

my only reservation is the number of times a day I get updates. I shouldn't complain, its only doing it's job.

  ade.h 18:12 04 Mar 2005

Use AVG and if you want extra peace of mind when the worst happens and you think you've contracted something unpleasant (or your PC has!) use a free online AV scanner from F-Secure click here or Panda click here.

  roygbiv 18:14 04 Mar 2005

Free anti virus == AVG from Grisoft

  citadel 18:47 04 Mar 2005

there is info at nod32 deemed to be best with many popular brands failing to make the grade.

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