Can all users share same formatted Word in XP?

  Llwydyn 21:34 18 Aug 2004

Have just bought a new computer running Win XP. Have created accounts for all five members of our family, but after installing (from CD) a Welsh spell-checker, it only appears (in View > Toolbars) on the 'version' of Word of the user that was logged on at time of installation. Short cuts assigned for additional Welsh characters also only work in Word on that one user.
Is it at all possible for all users to share the same newly formatted 'version' of Word without having to individually format each one?

  Sethhaniel 08:46 19 Aug 2004

as administrator so programs available to all ;)

  bremner 09:05 19 Aug 2004

I think word will default to the spellchecker language when first installed be that English English or US English.

As with any other subsequently installed spell checker language you will have to add it for each user. I had this for the kids when I installed french and german.

  Llwydyn 10:12 19 Aug 2004

How do I know which user is the administrator?
Would this also solve the problem regarding formatting Word, ie page layout, assigning short cuts, etc?

  Llwydyn 11:03 19 Aug 2004

Have just had a look and all 5 users are set as administrators!
This spellchecker only appears on the toolbar - it is assigned by placing a tick by its name in View>Toolbars.
As I stated earlier - it would be very useful if one could format Word to one's liking and then make this 'version' available for all users!

  temp003 11:26 19 Aug 2004

This probably does not apply to the spell checker, but the page layout and macros are stored in each user's Word default template. The template is a file called Each user has his own file, which is stored (I think - because I've moved the location of the file to another place on my computer) at:

C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

What you want to do is copy the right file to the other users' Templates folders.

Close Word first.

The Application Data folder is a hidden folder. In My Computer, click Tools, Folder Options, View tab, tick Show hidden files and folders, and untick Hide file extensions for known file types. Click OK.

Suppose user1 has the correct settings in Word. Navigate to the folder c:\documents and settings\user1\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

Copy the file to every other user's relevant folder, such as C:\documents and settings\user2\...\Templates

When asked whether to replace the existing, say yes.

When user2 logs on and opens Word, he will have the same default page layout and macros in Word.

  temp003 12:01 19 Aug 2004

If the file does not include the spell checker settings, you can try replicate the spell checker settings in user1 on to the other users' Word.

The Welsh dictionary should have been installed somewhere on the computer, either in c:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Proof folder, or user1's proof folder C:\Docs and settings\user1\Application Data\Microsoft\Proof, and it's a matter of including it into each user.

Log on to user1, open Word, click Tools, Options, Spelling and Grammar (it may be different in different versions of Word). See what it says under Custom dictionary, and also click the dictionaries button to see where the Welsh dictionary is installed, and replicate those settings to the other users.

  Llwydyn 13:33 19 Aug 2004

Thanks - your suggestions appear quite promising - shall have a try later on tonight.

  Llwydyn 23:10 19 Aug 2004

The solution you stated in your first response worked ok (although it did not include the spell checker settings, unfortunately) so thanks.

The spell checker appears to be an add-in. It appears as a new toolbar at the top of the window with the other formatting toolbars. It is assigned in the usual manner in View>Toolbars.

I then found the appropriate extra file in C:\Docs and settings\user1\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\Startup. I then copied this file to the Startup folder for the other users. Word tried its very best to load - it reached what appears to be its usual place - but then the hour glass just kept on running as it tried to load the add-in feature. I had no choice but to reverse the procedure - Word now works ok - with the spell checker add-in working only on the original user account! Hope all this makes sense!

  temp003 04:48 20 Aug 2004

As it appears to be a third party add-in, I'd rather not mess up your settings. The safest thing to do is install the program to each account.

If you want to explore what and where add-ins are installed, in user1, open Word, click Tools, Templates and Add-ins, and see where the files are located for user1, and see if you can copy the relevant files to the corresponding folder(s) of user2, and reproduce the corresponding settings (with appropropriate changes to paths if necessary) for user2.

But it might be quicker just to install the program for each user.

  Llwydyn 10:48 20 Aug 2004

I'd already looked in the Add-ins folder - nothing there!

As you suggested - I might as well install the checker for each individual user.

Am thankful for your help - especially the solution in your first response.

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