Can ADSL be tweaked further for more performance?

  tran1 13:44 08 Jan 2003
  tran1 13:44 08 Jan 2003


I read in many instances that your internet connection can be tweaked by editing the registry. The defualt setting only accomodates the average user and not individual needs. I have seen may programs that say you can tweak you connectin to make it even faster.

Has anyone here tweaked with their connections and are there any significant gains?

I play alot of online games (probably a hardcore gamer by now) and at the moment still experience high pings even thought I have 512K USB modem service.

Are there things I can do apart from splashing out on new hardware and ISP service to increase my speed and pings?

  Scarthy © ® ™ 14:59 08 Jan 2003

The high pings are usually due to overseas servers. My nephew plays UT and UT2003 regularily and has Broadband. He reports ping's of around 60 for most localised servers (UK or Dutch etc). I get around 300 on the same servers on my dial-up connection. He also get pings of 200+ if he ventures onto long distance servers like in the USA or Australia etc etc...

What exactly are your pings and speeds???

Sorry, I can't help you with the tweaking issue you raised. (;o)))

From ADSLGuide. org. uk

BT Wholesale recommend an MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) setting of 1458 (bytes) and state that it is best suited to the performance of the broadband network. You may experience an improvement in performance for certain applications such as web browsing, FTP and peer-to-peer. Any DSL customers connected via the BT Wholesale network (majority of ISPs in the UK) should consider making these changes.

Disclaimer: Making modifications to the system registry is performed at your own risk. If you do not understand the implications, or how to recover from registry changes, you should not attempt the steps outlined below.

Full details at ADSLGuide click here

  JāмΞŝ 15:16 08 Jan 2003

Speedguide - Download patches which u just click on and they apply themselve to your registry. I found them improved my cable connection, I download at 80kb/s and have pings as low as 13 on UK game servers.

(NTL 600k BB)


  JāмΞŝ 15:17 08 Jan 2003

click here

Oh and here is the link. hehe.

  tran1 19:39 08 Jan 2003

Thanks to all that helped! I have taken on some of the advice offered and I'm waiting for a couple of days to see if tehre are any improvements!

Thanks again!

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