Can adaptor be too close to router

  ventanas 09:43 25 Feb 2011

I have three computers (two laptops - Win7 and Vista and a desktop all in one - Win 7) running off the same Netgear router. All three have built in adaptors.
The laptops work fine, but the desktop keeps losing the conenction, although it states it's connected, and it does seem to be.
Diagnosing only states the obvious. But the PC and the router are on the same desk and I wondered if this could be the problem. If so I could simply cable it, but that would lose the network.
Grateful for any advice.

  Graphicool1 09:57 25 Feb 2011

My destop adapter is about 3inches away from the router. My wifes laptop is 3 rooms away. I can't say we don't have problems with them, but when we do, we both do. In other words the problem lies with the router, not how near or far you are from it.

What make is it, mine is a Belkin. Go to their site and see if they have an updated driver.

  Graphicool1 09:59 25 Feb 2011

When I said go to their site and see if they have an updated driver. I meant of course the site of the maker of your router.

  ventanas 10:07 25 Feb 2011

OK, but they can all be on and connected at the same time, and the desktop will lose it, and the laptops carry merrily on.
If the router had a problem wouldn't they all lose the connection?
Also routers don't have drivers (as far as I know), the adaptor will and I will check for an update tonight, thanks.
Of course it could be a problem with the adaptor inside the desktop, but some days it works fine for hours and others its hopeless.
Is there any way of testing these?

  961 10:18 25 Feb 2011

If they are that close can you not just connect with an ethernet cable?

As you say it could be a fault with the computer's adapter but it could also be interference from other stuff around the desktop or even, I suppose, too strong a signal

  Woolwell 10:47 25 Feb 2011

"If so I could simply cable it, but that would lose the network" Don't think so. You can have a network set up with wireless and ethernet. I have a desktop connected by cable, up to 2 laptops connected wirelessly, a media streamer connected wirelessly, sometimes a smartphone connected too plus a networked printer. All can see each other and exchange documents etc.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:11 25 Feb 2011

My desktop is wired and laptops wireless with wireless adaptor that gets fitted to other desktops.

they all work on the same network OK.

Wireless mouse / keyboard? can interfere with router if too close, tried changing channels in the router?

  woodchip 11:48 25 Feb 2011

My Router is directly above my Desktop PC, wired by Ethernet and it no problem at all. you may have a faulty Network card in the desktop. I also have a Laptop and Netbook down Stairs Wireless both work fine.

  ventanas 11:48 25 Feb 2011

Thanks Woolwell and Fruit Bat /\0/\

I didn't realise you could have both. Have already changed channel on router.
But I think Fruit Bat /\0/\
may have hit on it. The mouse/keyboard are bluetooth and I have recently changed the USB port from one on side of computer to one on back via extension adaptor. This frees up a usb port that I can access easier,
but the bluetooth adaptor is right next to the router. It will be since this that the problem started. I will move the extension so the bluetooth is back where it used to be. Will still have same usb port available.

  ventanas 22:26 25 Feb 2011

Seems ok now. Moved the Bluetooth away from the router.

Thanks for the help.

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