Can a 400mhz processor run a TFT monitor

  bison 12:12 15 Apr 2005

I am thinking of buying a 15"/17" TFT monitor for my kids pc, but it only has a 400mhz intel celeron processor and 95 ram. I have been told that with these specs being so small the monitor may not work. Can anybody clarify this please? If it does work, any suggestions for which one(cheapish)to buy? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  Yoda Knight 12:14 15 Apr 2005

Monitors arent affected by processors

  Technotiger 12:16 15 Apr 2005

Hi, I would recommend 172 tft from click here excellent value at £155 (black & silver)


  Technotiger 12:17 15 Apr 2005

Ooops - 17"

  Technotiger 12:20 15 Apr 2005

New price £152 (incl vat).

  bison 12:23 15 Apr 2005

Cheers, that monitor looks fine and the price is good aswell. Will the 95 ram be big enough to run it?

  Technotiger 12:24 15 Apr 2005

Monitors 'run' by the graphics setup, not ram or cpu.

  Yoda Knight 12:25 15 Apr 2005

Wow, a 14 foot monitor !

I'd love to get one of those for £155 !!! :)

  Technotiger 12:27 15 Apr 2005

I can confirm the monitors' excellence, I use it, as do several of my friends - we all live near Novatech. Their premises are smarter/cleaner than most hospitals, and staff are very helpfull.


  Yoda Knight 12:27 15 Apr 2005

A new screen is not going to improve your pcs' performance, and those specs are very low. You can get a new system for slightly more than the cost of the monitor

  Technotiger 12:28 15 Apr 2005

I'm on good form this morning :-)) not.

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